Buying a Classic Flap!

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  1. Hi guys, after months of reasearching on what bag i should buy on my vacation in Europe..i decided i should buy a the classic Chanel 2.55..any hardware is fine with me

    I'm just afraid that they don't have it in stock..because i heard that it's hard to get the classic 2.55..what should i do? Any suggestion guys?
  2. Call in advance an place a hold order. In the UK you can hold it up to 24 hours, that's what my SA said. I think the classic is easier to find in Europe than say USA. Same with the WOC everytime I go to the boutiques I see plenty. Have a great time. Mind me asking where are you visiting?

  3. I'm going to Paris, Amsterdam, Milan & Rome...i'm buying it in Paris or maybe milan? But most likely Paris..:smile:
  4. where can i find the price onlone? im going to Paris as well. want to compare the price in advance. Thank you
  5. wow this is soooo useful. thank you very much!!
  6. Just sharing my experience. Just go to the shop with open mind. Browse through the collection there, because you might able to get something unexpected.