Buying a Chanel Bag

  1. Hi All! I'm in the market for a new bag and am looking to buy a Chanel. Just wondering what you ladies feel is the best Chanel out there right now.

    About me:

    I'd like the bag to be large enough to hold a book, wallet, the essentials.. it doesn't have to be huge, but it needs to be big enough.

    I'm very girly. Love the big CC logo.

    No price limit.

    Thanks girls! :smile:
  2. The grand shopping tote.

  3. I love the the rock and chain flap($1975) as well as the hobo($2395). The baby cabas($1795) is nice too....
  4. Oh, so cute! I just saw one in another post that I adore.. I believe it was called diamond shine or something along that line.

    I'm so out of the loop. I visited Chanel weekly when I lived in Boston and have since moved to a hick town in Upstate NY :smile: so I'm out of touch with what's new and fabulous!
  5. The large cambon tote may be another option if you're looking for something that is big, is a tote, and has a logo. Depending on your style, it may be a little trendy, but I think its cute. The black/black patent is my favorite option. The reference library is great and will help tremendously.
  6. Thank you SO much! I'll check that out!
  7. No problem! :yes:
  8. GST or PST..maybe also try the Medallion tote.
  9. i love that GST

    i want a PST real bad !