Buying a Black stam-what do I need to consider?

  1. Hi all,
    I am finally loving the Stam and have decided that black would be the best colour for me as I want to use it as an everyday kind of bag. I have read many different opinions on the hardware, lining and leather and would appreciate as much information as possible on this matter.
    NAP have the latest stams and they have the canvas lining (I would actually prefer the suede lining, but hey ho!). What is the difference with the leather and the hardware between seasons? Also, does the hardware scratch easily?
    I have also heard that there could be problems with the kiss lock. Is this also true of the latest stams (s/s 07)? :confused1:
    Any help on this matter would be very much appreciated! xx
  2. Bronze/antiqued hardware was only made for F/W 2005, gold hardware was used afterwards.

    In S/S 2006, canvas lining was used for patent leather Stams and suede lining was used for non-patent leather Stams. All Stams made after S/S 2006 are lined with canvas.

    F/W 05: nappa leather (smooth, baby-butt soft) or icy leather (glazed, shiny, pebbled leather), bronze/antiqued hardware, burgundy suede lining

    Resort 05: shiny leather, honey gold hardware, burgundy suede lining

    S/S 06: matte & smooth calf leather, honey gold hardware, cream suede lining

    F/W 06: structured calf leather, shiny gold hardware, cream canvas lining

    Resort 06: structured calf leather, shiny gold hardware, brown canvas lining
  3. Kisslock problems are fixed on recent Stams. Stores are currently selling Stams from Resort 06 and F/W 06 (leftovers). S/S 07 Stams won't arrive in stores until next year (1/07-2/07), they have gold hardware and canvas lining as well.

    Older Stams are most likely not available from any major retailer (unless you come across a return), I don't recommend getting them from eBay (too many replicas & troubles of getting the bag repaired when issues come up).

  4. Thank you so much for the info Bag.Lover - I too am looking to buy a Black Stam and that information will be most useful :yes: :love:

    Can I ask a question - what does "Resort" mean? Is it MJ's way of referring to Spring/Summer or something entirely different?
  5. Thank you for your help ladies. :flowers:
    I will definitely NOT be getting mine from eBay. I could never be confident that my bag was authentic. I will get my stam from my usual places: NAP, Selfridges or Harvey Nichols. I'm sure NAP have the new season black stam in stock now but I will sadly have to wait until the end of January or possibly february before I have collected enough funds for it! :crybaby: I hate having to wait for a new bag, especially when you have your heart set on it! :drool:
  6. There are 3 collections every year: Spring (aka Spring/Summer), Fall (aka Fall/Winter) and Resort (aka Cruise). Resort (also referred to as Cruise) is a transitional period from Fall/Winter into Spring/Summer. According to MJ employees, not as many pieces of the same item is made for Resort so the chance of them selling out is higher than Fall & Spring. HTH.
  7. Be patient. Time goes by very fast, end of January will be here before you even know it. =)
  8. ^^ I know, I'm just impatient! I cant wait to actually own my first MJ bag. I have Chloe, Fendi, Luella and Louis Vuitton bags but I had never considered geting a stam as I felt at first sight they were a bit 'chanel rip-off' but now I can see how classic they are in their own way and they are beautiful. Trouble is, I fear I may not be able to stop at one! ;) xx
  9. i was also considering purchasing the stam, but am weary about the weight of the bag. a lot of marc's bags seem to be really heavy. does this become a problem when you want to use the bag everyday?
  10. I dont think it will be a problem for me as I am used to toting around my Chloe paddingtons and betty bag and they are usually crammed with stuff so you could say I am used to the heavy weights! :yes:

    I think people who are used to more lighter bags such as the Balenciaga lariat or such like, may find it heavy especially with the chain. I know you can remove the chain, but I will be keeping mine on as I think it is one of the main appeals of the bag. xx
  11. Hi All! I just got my brand new Black Stam (Resort 2006/7) this morning :yahoo: I absolutely love it and took it shopping with me today. It is quite heavy but I am used to carrying my Chloe Paddingtons and the Stam is about the same weight :yes: . I'm only tiny as well. You can take the chain off of course but for me the chain is part of the appeal of the bag plus the bag would still be heavy without it anyway. I also own many Balenciaga bags which are incredibly light and so if I know I am going to be out all day long with lots of shopping then I tend to take a Balenciaga with me. If it gets too much carrying the Stam by hand :sweatdrop: :push: then the shoulder chain is much more comfy than it looks as well.

    Anyway, I LOVE it so much and I can really recommend getting classic and timeless and so chic! Love it..... :love: especially in Black :love:
  12. Congratulations Balchlfen!! :yahoo: You're so right about the Stam being timeless and classic! Enjoy your new bag!!
  13. Congratulations! PLEASE post piccies so we can all drool over your new stam! :drool:
  14. Congrats! Glad you made the jump for the stam! I see you are already enjoying it, how fabulous!
  15. I will post pics as soon as I can - probably tomorrow :yes: I hope the posts in your thread will help you when you buy your Stam :flowers: