buying a birkin from a reseller.. tips?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm about to purchase my first birkin from a friend's friend. Any tips on what I should look out for to ensure its authenticity? Help with be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to join the birkin-clad gang ;)

    Oh, it's a 35cm brighton blue birkin. I'm so excited! She has a camel 30cm as well and i've been talking her into selling that baby to moi. :biggrin:
  2. Great!! Get tons of very clear pics from her and post them in our authenticity thread. You'll get a lot of help. But it's too complicated and intricate to list everything you need to look for in a real Birkin and can be tricky if you have no experience. :smile:
  3. Definitely post the pics here in Authenticate This! You will get all the help you need and hopefully come out with a winner.
  4. Acually the "authenticate this" Advisors have no idea what they are talking about. One of them told me that the photos I showed were not authentic, but the photos that i showed them were taken by me of the birkin that i had just purchased at the hermes store in tokyo!
  5. ^^ Wow, that's a harsh and unfair statement.
    A lot of us on this forum have relied on the Authenticators for years and as they state repeatedly they give their best opinion based on the pictures they are provided with. Hence the need for the pictures to be very clear.
    I for one have never found them to be wrong on any assessment given.
  6. I totally trust the ladies in the Authenticate section. I find that they have helped so many from placing disastrous fake purchases and at the same note have helped many in obtaining genuine items.Keep up the great work ladies!
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    First, one of the authenticators was kind enough to answer you despite the fact that you would not follow the required posting format.

    Second, you admitted in a post later edited that you had provided a link (to your own auction, not permitted) in order to try to trick the authenticators into making a wrong decision on your bag.

    All of this aside, every bag must be looked at on its own merits. An authenticator cautiously said that she thought it might not be real. One image gave me pause as well.

    Unless we are standing next to a seller when they buy the bag in a boutique, there is no way of truly assessing the truthfulness of any seller's claims of where a bag was bought, or even by whom. It really becomes imperative to base all authenticity work on the images, taken in the context of the other information about the seller.

    When you joined the forum, you made a post with general birkin buying questions, including a question about buying from a nontraditional source.

    Let me call attention to your very first post, in which you specifically talk about having a friend-of-a-friend in the area who sells bags, and where you ask about buying bags outside of boutiques:

    hi everyone! sorry this reply does not have anything to do with your topic.. im new to tpf and do not know how to post anything! HELP! i am wondering how much a 35 birkin togo leather costs in canada? i am going to hongkong and apparently my friends friend buys and sells hermes bags.. and he is charging 12,200 $CND so i am just wondering what the price difference is.. what are your thoughts on buying a birkin not from the store?

    From the information in this post alone it is clear that you have considered different sources for bags and are aware of non-boutique sources.

    Whevever you say the bag comes from, it was assessed on the merits of the images.

  8. well if you were certain your bag is authentic, having it purchased at the tokyo store....why did you ask for help in authentication then?

  9. That's actually quite rude statement considering those people really are doing it without getting anything out of it, and confusing a real one with fake one can happen especially if you use dodgy pic.
    And who knows yours actually fake one. I trust those people much much more than your opinion, to be perfectly honest.

    Nevertheless, I much rather be conservative and miss one original Hermes that might look like a fake rather than having to buy a fake one that looks like a real one.
  10. I was going to respond to OP...until I looked and saw that it dates from 2007! Hopefully OP is happy with her Birkins by now, why was such an old thread bumped?
  11. Because someone is trying to stir up trouble? :p
  12. This thread is extremely old and was only bumped for someone to call out the authenticators in a negative manner. Making posts like that will not give you a long forum life on tPF.
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