Buying a Birkin FAST!

  1. if i want to buy a birkin in the next couple of weeks.. whats the best way to do that?? is there a trusted website? or is there any shop/boutique where they can supply me with a birkin??

    i'm thinking of 30cm birkin.. not sure about the color though.. what do u guys think? what is the most famous birkin and most desirable?
  2. ^ get a color that you personally like since you'll be the one wearing it.
  3. You'll pay a markup - but there are some pretty good ebay sellers...
  4. :blink: i know i'll be wearing it.. but since its a big decision to make i would rather make sure that its well spent! so comments and inputs are needed :flowers:
  5. ah a fellow dubaiian :flowers:
    ok forget about the boutique at bur juman extension unless xour last name is .... no chance so the best bet for you (i assume you just want a birkin an nothing else from hermès) is to contact a reputaable reseller like lucyintheskywithdiamonds on ebay or createurs*de*luxe* or luxwear or luxury zurich for example (lucy and luxury zurichis also a member here)
    but be sure all of them come with a premium(that is the price to pay if you want it immediately)
    most popular colours are black,gold(a rich tan) and blue jean (sky blue) and the most popular or better sold leather is togo (textured bull leather):flowers:
  6. Hi, lilach is right. Other reputable ebay sellers are mightykismet and montecarloclub.
  7. All the best. I really can't add anything to what has already been told to you. I am sure you can find something that can make you happy and I hope you don't have to pay too high of a premium. Good Luck and post what you purchase for us all to see.
  8. I agree - quick birkins from e-bay are the best bet and I've been a very lucky and happy e-bay Hermes buyer! You can always check authenticity by posting a link in the above sticky is a basic color (but I love the way Hermes does color so I wouldn't get a birkin black jmo); the reds are gorgeous if you like a pop, rouge h is a subtler red; blue jean is very popular and versatile; quite honestly most any Hermes color is great!!
  9. but i have one question. how would you handle it with the PO box troubles cause i know some sellers won´t ship to po boxes?

    ah and there is no "the most famous birkin" as the bag itself is practically unbeatable (equals with the kelly) when it comes to fame. but moreso please just buy the bag because you truly love the shape the craftsmenship etc and not only because it is "famous" it is too much money to burn if you don´t love it 100%
  10. Agree. Have fun!

  11. My sentiments exactly :rolleyes: Sounds like this person just wants a birkin because it is so well known.

    To the original poster, only you know what color you like. There are so many colors and skins to choose from, you should just look around.
  12. ^^ Agree. You gals couldn't have said it better! :yes:
  13. i agree on all the points mentioned - regarding popular colors, leathers, reasons for buying, etc. just be careful because on top of a premium, you also run the risk of accidentally acquiring a fake. so please be careful & good luck!
  14. thanks for the info! i'll look through these sellers and will keep you guys posted! :shame:
  15. guys i would love to own a birkin cause i love the shape of it and because its so FAMOUS! i'm not sure whats wrong with my reasons lol but anyhow!

    i went to the boutique and went through many colors and decided on gold (tan), blue jean, burgendy and hermes orange all in 30cm size and togo leather. will keep you posted once i get any of these bags.