Buying a Bag, then Buying One in Better Condition?

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  1. Do any of you ever buy a bag used, love it but wish it were in better shape, then see another one that is in better shape and want to buy the newer one and sell the old? I know it doesn't make great financial sense, because I will be losing out money on the first one I bought ... but that doesn't make me not want to get one in better shape!

    I was curious if anyone else had ever done that. :smile:
  2. i've done that and i think it's fine as long as your happy. I know some pfers buy backups, so that when the one bag is really run down, they still have the same color to enjoy all over again!

    It's all good :graucho:
  3. I haven't done it- yet ;)

    But I have thought about it!!
  4. I used to do that with my LV's but haven't yet with Bal. I'm probably being redundant but I just got a Black City last month and absolutely love it and was thinking about getting a "back up" bag for when this one gets all beat up.:p
  5. I have done it, and I have also bought "back up" bags! On older bags, I buy multiples of colors that I want while waiting for my favorite style to come along. :smile:
  6. i've bought all my bbags brand new for that reason. if i bought a used one i'm scared i might be disappointed and wish i had just bought a new one (even if not the same color - as long as it's new :p)

    as far as using a bbag and wishing i had a back up. nope! as long as *I'M* the one who got the bbag in used condition i'm OK with it lol at least if the handles are darkened i know it's from MY sweaty palms and nobody elses ;)
  7. Yep, I've upgraded bags before, and would do it again. Utlimately I want to make sure I'm as happy with a bag as I can be. This doesn't mean I always look to trade up for the new and pristine. Some bags I prefer in the broken in, beat up shape. But I will trade up for better leather or better color saturation and less fading.
  8. I haven't done it yet - but I can absolutely see doing it in the future.
  9. I have boughten my bbags new, but I definitly think its a smart idea if you bought a used bag and then found one in better condition to get that one and sell the other one.
  10. I could see myself doing that in the future ...
  11. I've been fighting the impuse to do that with at least two of my bags. I haven't done it yet, but only because I hate the selling process. :yucky:
  12. Thanks for your responses. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this way! It just seems like a reasonable thing to do if there is a bag that is (one) of your HG's and you see one that is in better condition than the one you currently own.

    And ... I just did it myself! :shocked: I just needed to know it wasn't crazy (like my SO was telling me ... he doesn't understand though! :smile: )
  13. That's something I would do - I might try and slip it past my DH and if he noticed, just say I had it cleaned. The other thing I do is buy something that is almost what I wanted and then inevitably regret not holding out for exactly what I wanted and ending up with both. BTW, What did you replace?
  14. I am replacing my HG Ink City. I'd bought it used on the bay and it was in fairly good shape, but had this scratch-looking mark across the back that always annoyed me. So I have found another that seems to be in much better shape to replace it. I'm sure I'll be much happier since I consider this colour one of my favs!
  15. i would totally do that..especially if i really like a color and find a newer one or better condition one..=)