buying a bag that's not on your wishlist...what do you think?

  1. neither the stratus pm nor the denim cabby (the real denim, not the black one) are on my wishlist but i saw them today IRL and i was like :drool:
    so my question is...if you have a wishlist BUT you fall in love with a bag (or bags) that you had no plans to buy, would you buy it anyway? the stratus pm would cost as much as 2 bags on my wishlist (plus an accessory even) and the denim cabby, on the other hand, would be like buying one bag and accessory. what to do? what to do?:confused1:
  2. It happened to me last weekend. I went in thinking I was going to get a Petit Noe or another bag on my list and I walked out with the Damier Papillon 30. I couldn't be happier. Sometimes I think we over think our next purchases, at least I do . For once I went with my gut feelings on the bag and couldn't be happier.
  3. thanks for your opinion, dcooney. very well put.
  4. I think if you really love it, then you should go for it! While in general it's good to have a plan, you don't want to be all sticking to the plan and then a bag passes you by that you LOVED and by the time you've gotten some more from your wishlist, it's GONE! Don't let that lovely bag get away!
  5. Well all your other bags are on your wishlist surely because you love them too. If I find something new that I love, it just fits in on my wishlist order where I think it should go. Sometimes it just goes right to the top - I only discovered the Tulum PM a few days ago, but I know already it'll be my next bag! :wlae:
  6. i do that
  7. :tup: YES! I just did this yesterday...sometims it takes some time to realize what you would actually like to have. I was never into sophie, thought it was too small...what would I use it for? Well that all changed 2 days ago! I realized I could use it w/ a diaper bag hands is small and will double as a going-out bag. Prior to...I had a maybe list of 2 bags. Neither of them were a MUST. For some innate reason I had to have this.

    Go with your gut feeling and get what you are lusting for!
  8. I say go for it too. I have a wish list (well, had a wish list before I decided to go on a ban, however, I'm going to LV today so that didn't last long ... I'll have to change my sig again!) and it's constantly changing it seems due to what I see and read on here.
  9. The wishlist is always open to re-shuffling! :smile:
    Mine changes on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day!
  10. Go with what you really want, you'll never be sorry. If you keep thinking about it, put it at the top of your wishlist.
  11. This happened to me before..I bought a lot of stuffs out of my wishlist before because it is cheaper.. I ended up selling all of them though... All of them half of the price.. Most of them actually... :/ My lesson is stick to stick with my wishlist... Never go astray.. LOL.
  12. This happened to me at the lv Christmas party. I just happened to try on the epi red petite noe and my dh said "you have to get that". You never know until you see stuff in person.
  13. Sure. My w/l changes all the time. Nothing wrong with a little flexibility!
  14. I would add the new bags to your list. I am sort of funny and like to do things in a specific order. I would place the two bags at the bottom of my list.
  15. well, i just bought the neverfull, and it wasn't on my wishlist.
    i make a promise to myself, that if i buy a bag thats not on my wishlist, i have to take another off. that way, ill eventually complete my list. (hopefully)