Buying a Bag 2nd Hand ?


Nov 18, 2007
Hey Ladies,

I saw this bag in a very selective 2nd Hand store in my town. Its not brand new, but it also has no stratches or so. I have been researching in the Chanel Reference Site and found a few pics (as I dont know the name of it).

I read in the reference site that the large tote costs 3350 but then another pdf member wrote that it costs 2295. So what is the actual prize for this bag?
I know the tote comes in a small and a big version.

Now, my real question; they sell it in the 2nd hand store for 2.000 Euros what are 2853 Dollars. I somehow feel that its a bit of a rip off, as its 2nd hand. I would really like to know what the retail price for this bag is (small and big) before I decide to buy it.

Can anyone help me please?



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Jun 25, 2008
2,000 Euros sounds like a lot of money for this bag. Not sure about the original price tag.


Jun 1, 2007
The large Sharpei tote was right around the mid-3k mark. So $2,8xx USD for a used bag is still quite a lot, but is a few hundred cheaper than original MSRP. You do have to consider though that the bag is still in "like new" condition, and I suppose the Sharpei ligne is very limited now as it's sold out completely at this point. They do factor in how "available" (or not available) a bag is into the price. This is assuming you're talking about the large sharpei tote, not the smaller one.

Tiffanypoos bought her large Sharpei tote for about $3,400, so I'm guessing that was the price after Chanel had a price increase.