Buying 1st Chanel Bag...Help

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  1. Hello everyone
    I recently joined this fabulous place. It’s wonderful to see the beautiful pictures of your Chanel bags and hopefully soon I can be part of the Chanel family…. maybe this weekend. This will be my first Chanel HANDBAG purchase….I’ve seen many and :heart: them all. Which one do u love and why? Any suggestions?:girlsigh: Like I mentioned above, I Love them all, however I can only purchase one for NOW thanks! Hopefully I make the right choice…I’m very excited! :yahoo:
  2. medium classic flap in caviar...perfect first
  3. Good luck with you first purchase. My fav's right now are my flaps and my baby cabas.

    What kind of a bag do you like to carry? Large, structured, slouchy? Do you carry a lot?
  4. agree. but i am also in love with my ultimate soft.
  5. yes, I actually wanted the Chanel medium flap bag in white caviar leather.

    I just moved here from Guadalajara Mex, and so far I've only visited the Chanel at Soutcoast, since it's on my way to work. I've also gone to the Beverly Ctr, I guess I have to research NM around my area.
  6. m/l size classic flap in caviar leather.
    very classic and you can use everywhere~
  7. perfect! don't wait too long because prices are going up soon.