Buying 1st Chanel after returning used one, do I get Jumbo, medium, PTT or PST???

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  1. I recently purchased a used Chanel bag which turned out to be a lot more used that I had thought so I sent it back, I have decided now the only thing to do is bite the bullet and just buy a new one. This will be my only Chanel bag, I have always loved the medium classic flap but think it might be too small for everyday, I want an everyday bag but would also like to use it in he evening, would the Jumbo be best? Would a Jumbo look ok on a night out? At a wedding etc? Or should I just get a day bag like the PTT or PST? I am totally stuck but need to make the right decision as it will be my only Chanel bag and will be the most I have ever spent on a bag! I have searched the celeb pics for celebs with the Jumbo on nights out to see how it looks but can't find any so if anyone has any please do post them! thanks:smile:
  2. a jumbo is a good choice. it is roomie and beautiful to look at...a total classic. imo, i think it can be a day or evening bag.

    seriously though, after you spend that much on a bag, there's no going back. hahahha...i bet you will be searching for your second chanel after this first purchase. :nuts:

    good luck on getting your first.
  3. I personally think the jumbo flap is a little bit casual for evenings and formal events such as weddings but it's certainly perfect for every day. What was the used bag that you had to return?
  4. Daluu, I completely agree! I bought what I thought would be my only Chanel, then had my second within 2 weeks! LOL
  5. It was a PTT which was lovely, I am totally torn, I love that bag but it's definitely evening, my absolute fave is the medium flap but for day I always carry my glasses in their case incase I need to take my contacts out and sunglasses, LV pochette wallet, make up, phone etc and I'm not sure it would all fit? I was thinking with the Jumbo you get the capacity of the PST and the PTT but it's a bit dressier? I thought I might be able to get away with it for evening?
  6. I would love to be able to get two but it will be just the one, I'm a teacher and my fiance is not buying it, I am paying for it myself and have tried selling other bags to fund it but it's not happening! Themost I have ever spent before was £715 on a Gucci chain hobo and £725 on my bbag and £800 on my paddy so it's a lot in comparison to my other bags!!
  7. The jumbo is a great day bag. You could carry it at a more casual night out. You could also use it at a casual day wedding. If you really want a day into evening bag then the m/l is the one to get. It does not hold as much as the jumbo, however. I could NEVER carry a m/l as an every day bag, but some ladies can and do with no problem.
  8. I hope that doesn't sound like I'm showing off, what I mean is I have lots of other nice bags but they were mainly bought for me by my fiance and they were much chaper than Chanel!
  9. i would go for a jumbo- fits a considerable amount
  10. My vote goes to the medium classic in black lamb with gold hardware. It's by far the one that can fit evening events as well as day time. There's a caveat here and that is to use a daily purse, it's going to take a lot more of a grinding. I would not take a jumbo on a dinner date, to the theater, to a wedding, or a funeral. Others would and that's fine; I'm speaking for myself.

    You may want to rethink a day bag along the lines of the P-B line. The P-B advantage is it's less affected by inclement weather.

    Back to the medium for a second, if you substitute a credit card holder for a wallet, there will be more room for other essentials.

    Try on all the possible considerations, put what you normally carry in the bag, and go with the one you love the most.
  11. because they use clutch on nights out? ;)

    to combine a every day bag and a night out clutch is not easy to achieve.:wondering
  12. I have fallen into the trap of trying to buy a bag that is everything (day and night) and ended up with a bag that is not my favorite for either. I would buy the Chanel that you like best for every day and then buy a much less expensive non-chanel (yes, I said it) clutch for evening (there are so many great less expensive/non-chanel clutches out right now). Eventually you may be able to buy a chanel clutch for evening (they are a few that aren't too expensive). But for now, you'll have a bag for everyday that you love....KWIM?? Good luck deciding. :smile:
  13. Don't worry, this is tPF - listing your bags and their prices isn't showing off. It's normal! :tup:
  14. I would go for the Jumbo ... very classy and definitely timeless!
  15. ITA w/LVDevotee - buy the best everyday bag you love and can afford (my recommendation is jumbo, PST or GST) and then look for a less expensive evening bag. Very few of us have 'social engagements' every night where an evening bag or clutch is necessary.

    Good luck with your choice!