Buying 1st Balenciaga

  1. OK...this is now on my 'list' (along with a MJ Blake and some other LVs, but b-bag is going to be first in line).
    I haven't seen them in person yet...but I think the Twiggy is what I am leaning toward (or the medium sized one...but the Twiggy is so fun looking). I like to wear my bags as a shoulder bag, but also have the versatility to carry it in my hands. I also like purses that are around the size of things like the LV papillons (I love that barrel look too!) I am definitely not a huge tote (the biggest I have is Coach's medium tote) fan, nor do I like Hobos.
    I want a color I can wear year round (so the soft pastel colors are not really for me). I wear ALOT of blue jeans and tees (being a student it's so comfy sitting in classes), but I sometimes have to dress up for academic conferences and such.
    I love the ink color...but I was also looking at the new colors for fall and I like the really dark blue color (can't recall the proper name).
    Here's my questions:
    1) What do you all think? Is some variation of dark blue better than say black or a pink/green/cornflower color?
    2) Is the twiggy the right size?
    3) Should I try to find one now or wait for the new fall colors/new leather? (I won't have the money saved up for about 2 months)
    4) When do the new colors come out and how would I go about preordering?
    5) I'm somewhat close to Chicago, and will be heading there in a few weeks....where can I go in the city (preferably Michigan Avenue area, since I always take the train in and walk around/take a cab) to look at the bags?

    Sorry for so many guys got me hooked (the b-bag bumped an LV out of top spot for next bag to purchase!)!!!!
  2. As for where to buy, I think the only place downtown is Barneys.
  3. Congrats on deciding the Balenciaga is your next bag : )

    I have not seen the ink, but the cornflower is a beautiful denimy blue and goes just perfectly, so anything that you would wear with denims, will go with the cornflower colour.

    I loved the Twiggy when looking, the City was nice, but I kept coming back to the Twiggy. It does hold a fair amount of stuff and I hate having to dig for things, so I prefer the long, shallower bags, over the shorter, deeper bags. But that is entirely my preference. I doubt I will ever own a Hobo/ Day.

    Having said that, I don't know until when the Cornflower will be available?

    My post may be biased, as the Cornflower Twiggy was my first Balenciaga : )

    I can't answer your other questions, I hope others will chime in.

    Let us know what you decide!

    I wish you well,

  4. Oh, and unless you are quite thin, I doubt that the Twiggy will fit over shoulder using the handles, you would have to use the strap. I am far from thin (so maybe the handles will fit, even if you are not skinny : ) ) and I can use the strap, but prefer it as a hand held handbag.

    I wish you well,

  5. Thanks Bridget!!!! I do like the longer, shallow bags as well (I love the LV papillon and my DB barrel).
    I have seen the cornflower color...and it is gorgeous. I think I really need to see them in person!

    anyone know how long the cornflower will be available or the ink? When to preorder fall colors and when they'll arrive?

    Chi: Thanks for telling me about Barneys...I'll make sure to call first to make sure they have twiggys in stock before I go :smile:
  6. also...I don't mind using the strap as opposed to the handles to wear on my shoulder....I prefer the handheld too, but like the option of the shoulder.
  7. twiggers, although the twiggy was my 1st love, i bought an emerald "purse" style today & it's's lighter than the city & unlike the twiggy, it's made to carry on your shoulder (but can also be carried by the handles)'s not too big or too small & it's perfect as a day or evening bag :smile:
  8. yeah go the cornflower twiggy!!!! i totally love my twiggy!!!!
  9. lol....I have got to get to get my money saved up (halfway there....really trying to avoid paying via credit card!)!!!
  10. twiggers, cornflower and ink are both from this season (spring/summer 06). They should still be around although the season is ending and it might be harder to get now. I love BOTH colors but ended up choosing ink but still dream of cornflower...

    I think BalNY is already accepting pre-order for fall colors, and they'll arrive around july/august (somebody please refresh my memory).

    Good luck on you decision, and have fun in Chicago!