Buyers with US addresses

  1. I had an auction for a bag that clearly stated I only ship in the US to a confirmed address through paypal, the winning bidder's location states their location is Taiwan although I have it set up in Buyer preferences to block bidders from outside the US. I emailed her to let her know I don't ship internationally and she emailed back she has a US address. Has anyone heared of this? I will not ship to a non-confirmed address, how do I cancel this transaction if she does not have a confirmed US address?

    I'm so fed up w/eBay, I can't wait for the rest of my auctions to end Sunday, I am so done.
  2. So, she just paid via paypal and it says:

    The sender of this payment is Non-U.S. - Verified
    Confirmed [​IMG]

    But says she has a confirmed address.

    The address is in Pennyslvania.

    If I send this via UPS Ground with required signature on delivery do you think that will be ok?
  3. ^^
  4. She does have a confirmed address, that's why it says confirmed :shrugs:
  5. Yes, I didn't know that until she paid via paypal, her location on eBay says Taiwan.
  6. I've never seen US NON VERIFIED and it says it's ineligible for the Seller Protection Policy although it's confirmed that's why I'm nervous.
  7. As long as you ship insured with signature confirmation you have every possible cover
  8. Thanks!
  9. :tup:
  10. Its possible the eBay account is set up in Taiwan but the person has since moved to the US. I would ask her and recommend to her to update her details as she is very confusing:thinking:
  11. Maybe her home address is in US and she is away to Taiwan? There are soooo many possibilities of why she has two separate. As long as you shipped to the confirmed address, don't worry.

    Have a good day!!!

  12. Call Paypal and asked exactly how you should handle this?

    Do exactly as they advise, cover your bum!

    Good luck!
  13. I would contact Paypal. If it says the transaction is ineligible for the Seller Protection Policy, you are not covered under the Paypal Seller Protection Polidy. If it's a big ticket item, I would definately think twice. Having a confirmed address cuts down on fraud, but I don't like how you aren't covered under the policy.
  14. That's my thinking too. Also, 'non-verified' just means her checking/bank account is not linked so I don't think that is a worry..
  15. I have a buyer with the same situation. She's in Asia, but her Confirmed PayPal Address is in the States.

    I am guessing, this person has signed up for a US Shipping Co to accept all her packages bought in the US then forward to her "actual" address outside the US (a lil confusing, huh?) - it's like the actual person's address, but not really because he/she doesn't really live there - he/she's just using that address for the purpose of accepting the items purchased in the USA.