Buyers who Can't Communicate!

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  1. Do any of you have this problem?
    I'm a buyer and seller on e-bay, not huge but I do a fair share of business. My issue is the latest sale that I had- I have heard NOTHING at all from the buyer. I've invoiced and politely e-mailed and still nothing. In my auctions I state simply that communication at least is expected within 3 days after closing of auction to state payment intentions and I know as a rule the buyer has 7 days to pay before I can do anything via e-bay with filing. I'm beginning to think that I have a non-paying bidder already. Her feedback is small- but we all start somewhere- and she hasn't done any business on e-bay since Oct. of last year. I'm getting a little annoyed and paranoid b/c I have fees now to pay for with no success for this transaction. Never had a problem before. I know- there's always a first time, but it really stinks when you really could use the cash and it's extremely rude not to hear a response at all. :cursing:

    What would you do?:sos::sos:
  2. Same thing I just put in a similar thread:
    They have 7 days to pay before you can file for non-paying and /or relist. If in 48 hours, you have not heard from them or they haven't paid, send another invoice.:yes: But technically you can't do a thing before 7 days.
    In the future (it's too late for the auction already ended), if you want instant payment, you have to go into seller's preferences and check Immediate payment with Buy it Now. Of course that means you have to have a BIN.
  3. ^^All that I've asked her for is communication and I state that in my auctions too. I just have this strange feeling that she's going to be a non-paying bidder b/c she has said nothing at all back to me. She was my only bidder so I can't even offer another person the lot. I'm just a little pissed (pardon moi francais), but I depend on that money and if someone can't pay then leave my auctions alone. I will revamp my listing requirements again, but I hate it if the right and honest person doesn't get the opportunity b/c of restrictions. I am honest and pay for my auctions when I win and most of all I communicate completely with whomever I am doing business with. I've had pleasurable experiences on e-bay that way. I once had a problem, an emergency that came up and I wasn't able to pay for my auction so I communicated everything to the seller and you know what? She patiently waited. Honesty and communication- so simple but so hard for some people I guess. Ok- end rant.
  4. My tolerance level for non-communicative buyers and sellers is low. And I'm referring to communications 101 here, not daily notes--the basics.
  5. I agree!! And still to this moment I haven't heard anything from her. I don't know what to do at this point. Getting very upset. If she can't pay- then let me know so I can move on and try to sell the auction again but I would have to add some stipulations/requirements which would prob.= a complete new listing and a swallowing of freakin' fees. I don't want to do that. Lady who won- pay me please. :censor:
  6. I can totally relate-I had this same thing happen to me last week! Someone BIN my auction & I heard nothing. Finally I found out her account had been suspended. I relisted, the bag didn't sell & now I'm restricted from selling my bag! If she hadn't done the BIN, I wouldn't have this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing:
  7. ^^I'm so sorry that happened to you! I still haven't heard anything from my buyer who won the auction. It's made me absolutely livid actually! Worried too. I use my e-bay funds as my own personal shopping money and sometimes for other things- especially now when things are tight in my household. I get unemp.- that's all. But my DH is fine with the way I sell bags usually to get another one that I want. It's like trading, you know. But back to the actual subject- by this buyer not contacting me at all it's really making me worried that I will be stuck with fees! I once had a claim from a chargeback- learned a lesson from that- always get tracking numbers no matter what and never send a pkg. w/o the funds being completely cleared and state these things in your auctions- and I do all of that now.
    Now for buyers/bidders who do not honor my simple- contact me regarding your payment intentions within 3 days upon close of auction- I can't do anything really about that, but is it really that hard for someone to do????:cursing: I even told the buyer- gently and not quite this way- but I e-mailed she/he to please contact me otherwise I will have to cancel the transaction/make a claim blah blah blah and still nothing. If she doesn't want the bags or can't pay for them- why can't she let me know. She was the only bidder so I don't even have anyone to offer a 2nd chance to. Because of this delay- my e-bay fees will be coming out of my pocket! Great- extra money that I shouldn't have to shell out- it really upsets me. :cursing:
  8. It seems like a very rare thing when you get a buyer who communicates anymore.
    I had a buyer recently who placed a bid in the last minute of my auction, won the auction. I was online when the auction ended so, I sent an invoice immediately. Didn't hear from them after 3 days so, I sent another invoice. They ended up paying on the 7th day and I never heard one word from them.

  9. ^^Hmmmm I'm wondering if that is what my buyer is going to do??? She/he has until Monday to pay for the auction regardless. I don't play games- don't have the time or the patience for that.
  10. Yes - I always think its very strange when buyers bid at the last minute and then wait for days to pay. If I bid on something I always pay immediately because I want the item sending to me as quickly as possible!
  11. Hi, this is currently happening to me and I just want a bit of advice. It's been over 7 days but because they have no feedback (but have been registered since Nov 07) I haven't filed a report yet and sent them an invoice on the 7th day, and then a day later I messaged them asking to let me know if they were struggling to pay. It's been another day and I have heard nothing back, so do I report them, do I wait or do I offer a second chance offer?

    I also don't know how to find if they've been bidding on something else, how could I look? Sorry to divert attention from the OP, I feel your pain I just didn't want to start a new thread!
  12. I still haven't heard anything from my most recent buyer and Monday will be day 7. :rant:Buyers have most of the pull these days anymore and I think it's wrong! What's the point of having requirements such as contacting/communicating/payment times if the buyer seemingly doesn't have to honor any of it anymore!?? You the seller have to wait and wait, 8th day file the claim and then that buyer is still given even more time to piss around and pay- if they even will. Then you as the seller are stuck with fees to pay! You can't go into a department store and screw around with your purchases like that- but it's ok to do it on e-bay??? It's just not right and at this moment I am totally and completely appalled that I still haven't heard anything from my buyer at all after e-mails and invoices sent just trying to hear something I even added $2.00 extra to her S&H and told her that it is b/c she hasn't said one word back! I told her- contact me and I will reduce it back down as a last ditch resort to hear something. I hate sounding like a ***** but I do need that money regardless of reasons. I understand, things happen, let me know! That's how I am! I'm unemployed right now and I can't afford to pay for other people's neglegence and ignorance. I am really peeved and sickend. I have other items to list but b/c of the buyers having so much control and the economy I only list one item at a time just to keep up with the fees and also have a little extra money when a winner finally decides to pay. Then there are even issues of practicly having to beg your buyer after you know they have recv'd the item(s) to leave you feedback! It's bullsh*t anymore and turning me off. Ok- end rant- I'm just really fustrated at this point. :hysteric:I still love to buy on e-bay since I live in such a small town and don't have access to a lot of items that I like and e-bay offers a lot and I do get great deals. When I do win an auction I keep in contact with the buyer at every step and pay like agreed to. 100% honest and if something happens where there is a delay like for ex. paypal bank transfer- I let the seller know! It's simple really but bad apples are ignorant and I think that e-bay needs to revamp some things even more to fairness for both parties! Honor a sellers auction/payment requirements! If a person can't do that then they shouldn't do buying on e-bay!
  13. I'm afraid your buyer is not going to pay. Seven days is enough time for them to contact you if they are just having trouble. I'd file a Non Paying Bidder, so you can re-list, and get your final value fee back. Sorry about this miserable experience. :sad:
  14. And I say once again "You can't go into a department store and screw around with your purchases like that- but it's ok to do it on e-bay???" It's just absurd... thus meaning- I still haven't heard squat-didly from my latest "phantom buyer". Maybe an appearance of a payment will happen tomorrow. If not I'm reporting and filing a claim w/ e-bay. Then she/he will be blocked too from further doing business w/ me regardless of the outcome. I have no patience and no time for "phantom buyers"- defined as; those who bid, win, and you hear nothing from them no matter what.