Buyers who are encouraging cancellations

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  1. I was just curious what other sellers are doing with this recurring situation that I seem to be having with new ebay buyers. I have had 3 transactions the past month where zero-2 feedback buyers, when they win the auction are just sending me messages saying oh just cancel my transaction. HUH?! Are there seriously that many sellers out there who are just cancelling transactions instead of filing non- paying cases against these type of buyers? I just think that is what is creating this whole "do as I please" attitude on ebay. I even had a buyer this morning after telling me she doesn't want my bag she won try to convince me how easy it is to cancel transactions and what good sense that makes since she found a new bag by the time my auction had ended. Have I missed something here?! I ALWAYS file non-paying cases after 4 days if I don't hear from the buyer. I am just blown away.....
  2. Is it possible the "new" ebay buyers doing this are actually competitors with the same item?

    I haven't been keeping up with eBay, but reading this forum the last few days makes me think it's getting even worse.
  3. For newbies they certainly seem to be well informed on how to weasel out of a commitment, don't they?
  4. This exactly! I'd been on eBay off and on for 10+ years before I really knew cancellations existed (and I only found out then because a buyer's eCheck bounced).
  5. I've had this happen to me twice and I only been selling for less than a month. one of them have 11 feedbacks so you'd think she have some sense. this girl demanded cancellation like I owed it to her or something b/c "she don't want it anymore" no apologies or even a simple thank you, I should have just waited and given her a pretty strike :sad:
  6. Oh my story gets better, the buyer who is telling me how easy it is to cancel now messaged me that she is a "seller" as well.....with 2 feedbacks and nothing listed for sell...I do know that some people buy and sell under 2 accounts but please. That makes it even worse for a seller to win an auction and then demand a cancellation. I'm not responding anymore and will joyfully be filing a non-paying case after 4 days. How could you do that to another seller??? Hope karma comes calling soon...
  7. It's in poor form - people don't realize everything is a binding contract once one hits that button.

    I sold something on eBay, got a request to cancel with a "child uses mother's computer without permission" excuse. Then delved into their purchase history to realize the excuse was a lie, they had just purchased an exact item from another seller for a dollar less. So I made sure we both mutually agreed to cancel, so I could get my fee refunded. Then I blocked that buyer.
  8. I remember reading your post about that. But for a dollar! Really??? That is beyond cheap and ridiculous!
  9. I find it easier to cancel the transaction and relist.
  10. It means you are reimbursed quicker and able to relist more quickly. I had a guy purchase a safe did not pay within 3 days I communicated no answer he then tells me he is waiting on his paypal account being set up wtf? Why bid then? He had over 122 feedback which doesn't make sense unless he bought the ebay account off some one. It has been 3 weeks and he has now marked it as paid on his end and still no payment. What a loser.
  11. At least they are responding to your cancellation requests...I've had bidders ask for cancellation, then ignore it when I do send them one, so I can't get my fees back for another week or give them a strike! :yucky:
  12. It also seems to be these low FB buyers who are driving the bid price up sky high many days before an auction ends. As a buyer, I want to tell them, just chill~

    Now to find out that they are backing out on stuff that I initially wanted and either they ran the price up waaay too high or they won it......oh that just burns me! I have 100% on 80 FB and when I hit BIN, I go directly to Paypal and pay! Same with an auction, if I have the luxury to sit on it and then win it, a seller gets their money immediately.

    I just HATE what some ppl do on ebay! I could go on and on but I'll save it for some other time.
  13. I guess my whole point is does ebay look at buyers records for cancelling transactions over non-paying cases? If I do a cancellation for this buyer who appears now has a habit of doing this am I just allowing her to continue this cycle of bidding and cancelling because she is never getting hit with a non-payment strike? Just curious if ebay looks at cancellation numbers as well.
  14. I have no idea. Ebay is so tight lipped when it comes to disciplining buyers. There is hope, though. As per another thread I am delighted to know that they are watching the amount of returns and partial refund requests and are cracking down on these 'buyers' :woohoo:
  15. Me too!