Buyers who are cheap with their shipping

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  1. Ugghhh! I just received an order from a buyer who purchased favor tags from me 10 days prior to his wedding. He just pays for first class and doesn't even read my store policies regarding shipping times. I've been doing this for years and every holiday when someone order 2 weeks before or after a holiday. I always get people asking where their package is and getting it up to 3 weeks late! So I email the buyer suggesting that he should upgrade his S&H and he emails back saying he's confident that it will be enough time for custom made tags. I'm annoyed. I don't feel like dealing with the 50 emails he is going to send or the non-receipt claim he's going to file when he doesn't get them in time because he was too cheap to pay $2.50 extra.
  2. If he won't pay the extra $2.50 for upgraded shipping imagine the wedding! It obviously isn't a big deal for him whether or not they arrive in time so why should you worry? Print your first class label through paypal and take it to the post office and have them scan it when you drop it off. Wait to leave feedback too.
    Hopefully his wife to be already knows she's marrying a cheapskate!
  3. I have had this happen too, it is super annoying because the seller always looks like the bad guy when the item doesn't arrive when they think it should, despite the fact they have not paid the proper fees. ARGHHH!
  4. No kidding! When he said this I completely flashed back to my own wedding. We got married in Vegas and had a small reception there. So I had him ship our favors and programs to the hotel. Needless to say, my husband opted for the cheaper postage and when we got to our hotel the package wasn't there. Luckily it came the day before otherwise he would have been in the dog house.
  5. as long as you gave him the option and warned him of the possibility of delay, you have nothing to worry about...

    now, you can try to avoid the hassle of an email exchange by making sure the package is shipped out asap so he definitely won't have any grounds to blame you... or, you can give him a $2.50 wedding gift - just a suggestion!
  6. I was just going to say that! ;) Give the gift of quicker shipping as a wedding present and maybe save yourself a lot of grief in the end.
  7. I offer two choices: USPS Priority Mail or Express. Since I don't profit from shipping I opt to allow postage display. That way I'm off the hook.
  8. Ugh I know what you mean. I sell books and offer either priority mail or media mail for shipping choices..I know most people prefer media mail since it's the cheapest but I can't stand getting emails from people like the DAY after they send their payment, wondering where their books are. Then I send them the scan of my postal receipt so they can see exactly when it was sent, the time it takes for the item to get from my post office to them is out of my control.

    But geez, favor tags? I assume those are really light, why not pay for the quicker shipping? Yikes.
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. So today I get a woman who wants me to ship her dress via Media mail. I wrote her back that it works only with books/documents and that I require signature upon delivery for stuff over $250 (paypal rules). I just dont get it...she spends a few hundred dollars for a dress but wont spend $6-8 more for priority shipping with signature delivery confirmation !:shrugs:
  11. I totally agree! this is completely OT but I lunch with these girls every once in awhile, comeplete dior wh*res who buy when things are brand new in season and spend money like its going out of style. Tell them that cheese on a burget is an extra .70 and they will flip out, never ceases to amaze me how cheap people get.:shrugs:
  12. FYI - I was at the PO the other day & the attendent told me they are really cracking down on media mail shipments cause so many people are trying to use it. If you box is light weight it will be opened at the PO where you drop it off or the Media mail center (So Cal) & it will be reclassified & the ship to person will incur the difference in postage cost.
  13. My aunt is like this lol. She has no kids and her hubby pays for the car payments and apt rent so, all she does is spend her paychecks on whatever. She'll spend MAD money on jewlery and at Lord and Taylor, but, made me pick her up for D.C. and drive her to National Airport vs. take a 45 dollar cab. Or, taking her own car and paying for the overnight car charges. :shrugs: I just don't get it sometimes...She'll drop a couple hundred on dinners but, is soooooooo cheap when it comes to stupid little things.
  14. Stand your ground with the shipping and hope they do not bid. They will nit pick you with the transaction start to finish. You can get a feel for it. You know they aren't going to be satisfied with anything you do that includes donating your kidney to them thrown in as a bonus.
  15. Because I don't sell small (i.e., flat items) - only handbags, shoes & accessories, I always ship priority (with insurance & tracking) - and charge a flat rate for everyone. Overseas, it's express, so I get $100 of ins. included, AND tracking. It's just too dicey otherwise. This way, I know people get their items through delivery tracking AND they get them very fast.