Buyer's Return Policy States She Will Accept A Return, But She Won't

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    I left the seller neg feedback yesterday. Seller turned around and left me a "positive" feedback that said this: "even tho u opened a case against me eBay ruled in my favor u left my 1st neg f/b." I am on the phone with eBay right now about this. Can you mention a case when leaving feedback? I didn't think you could, but I'm not sure.

    ETA: Seller left a reply to my neg feedback on her feedback page saying "I let eBay decide this case which the buyer opened & they ruled in my favor." The seller really does think she still won. I just hate that she replied to my feedback on her page the way she did, because the whole story isn't known to potential buyers from her comment, and I would hate to see anyone else have to deal with the same issue I did. Oh well; I did my part by leaving her a neg...I guess that's all I can really do.
  2. That is exactly what happened. The seller does still think she won, according to the false positive feedback she left for me. I just called eBay about the seller leaving me a false positive, and the rep is in the process of removing her comment right now. I still think it's unfair that the seller didn't really suffer any repercussion other than my neg feedback, but I'm very thankful eBay has helped me out so much with this issue.
  3. ITA. The seller played the system by not honouring her return policy and advising you to file a claim. Ebay ruled simply on the face of the claim and when they realized it was wrong had to dig into their own (read our own - we all end up paying for this) pockets to reimburse.
  4. That's the kicker for me; I don't find that fair at all. We all do end up paying for things like this. I wonder if it would've gone differently had I called eBay first, rather than filing a claim without speaking to an eBay rep first. I know it's woulda, coulda, shoulda...but I wish things had gone differently. It's the seller that needs to be punished, not the entire community of buyers/sellers on eBay.

    Of course, I also believe that eBay should have something else to file claims under in situations like this, not just SNAD. The item wasn't SNAD at all; the seller just didn't abide by her own terms that were laid out in her auction. Ugh.