Buyers Responsibility

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  1. When you're bidding on an expensive item it's imperative to check out the seller, ask questions, look at feed back, and go with your instincts. With handbags it may be easier from photos to spot a fake, but even then you're taking a chance. With apparel/shoes/jewelery, even harder to authenticate from a photo. In the end it's your responsibility. :yes:
  2. Agreed, but what if the seller sends you a different bag than the one in the photos?

    The responsibility is with the seller to send an authentic item and as described in the auction.
  3. Absolutely!
  4. Of course that goes without saying. IMO you're taking a chance purchasing high end $2,000 upward items...
  5. I think this isn't right.
    A buyer could take everything at face value, the photos, descript, the feedback. . .
    and the Seller could still be putz.
    Can't blame that on a Buyer.
    Some Sellers are savvy, they adjust lighting and shadows to imply the item is in a condition it's not.
    Also, unfortunately, a lot of Buyers are scared of leaving negative feedback, so even if a Seller has really good feedback, it may be because 10 people in teh last 3 months didn't leave appropriate feedback.

    Anyhow, I'm a buyer and a seller and there's no way I can lay all the weight on a Buyer.
  6. Yes it is up to the buyer to do their research before buying, but many times sellers can be purposefully misleading.
    So IMO the ownus of responsibilty for the accuracy of the description remains with the seller not the buyer.
  7. It is also on the buyer to pay on time! Just sold a bag on the 15th. Buyer e-mails me today and asks if she can pay the 31st.
  8. i can see what michele26 is trying to say...

    unfortunately, with the world wide web, there are a lot of things a buyer can do to make sure most of the bases are covered.. but there are a lot of things that are beyond a buyers control - like the type of seller he or she is dealing with...

    bottom line is, the buyer is the one with the money... the buyer needs to realize that there are honest and shady sellers out there... and essentially, the buyer is giving his or her money to a complete stranger on ebay...

    ... buyer beware...
  9. Unfortunately, some of the best scammers are so good, that you wont know they are a scammer until you are scammed.

    Sometimes you can do all the research you want, and still end up the looser :sad:

    So, I totally agree wtih this:

  10. Please review two very good threads here.
    Ebay Safety Tips
    Ebay Tips.

    I'll try to find the Ebay tips and bump it.

    Good advice. Please read!
  11. In my case I did ask alot of questions ~ several emails worth BUT honestly I didn't feel real good about it if you know what I mean. I wanted it. Bad thing is since ebay has pulled even though it was pulled after auction I can't even leave feedback. It is like they totally disappeared. I just didn't feel comfortable with the whole thing ~ I bid I won I paid I was ripped off.
    P. S. I sell also and would never do this to anyone!
  12. That little voice in the back of your head, that we ALL have, was telling you something wasn't right. You still went through with the transaction. We all have to learn to trust our instincts. It's very disheartening to know not everyone is as honest as you.
  13. I am a seller also and have had these feelings as well with selling an item ~ As a buyer or seller we have obligations and it shouldn't be by feelings alone ~

  14. Hi there! I had a problem with a seller frm ebay. In short, the item posted is fake. i had won the bid, i asked for receipt however no reply was given until auction ended (saying no receipt). Right now seller email me this after i confronted her. I gave a chance by not reporting this item. this is aprt of wat she said "i don think i can offer a second chance offer for the others.
    since you are not going to pay for the item, and i'm not be able to offer a second chance offer, you should pay for my listing fee plus the final value fee charge by ebay from my account.
    listing fee $6.00
    final value fee $5.24
    comes to a total of $11.24.
    are you satisfied with my arrangement?"

    My question is, need i pay for that? as a newbie in ebay im really clueless. How could she claim that item is 100% AUTH when is not? Pleas HELP!!! Thanks in advance
  15. She can actually get her final value fees back if she sends out the mutual agreement form. Or even though the listing has ended & you are confident the item is fake you can always click on the 'report this item' link at the bottom of the item page to report it as being a counterfeit. Ebay may remove the listing & your seller will get all of her fees back.
    Perhaps you can post the link to get opinions?