Buyers remorse :(

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  1. I'm on holiday in Spain right now and impulse bought an sdj in a color I'd normally never wear. I had buyers remorse as soon as I got back to the hotel and want to return it for a refund. Does anyone know if it's possible in Europe to do refunds at all? Further, I want to call the store for and answer but they're closed on Sundays (tmrw) and I'll be leaving for Italy tmrw as well. Does anyone know if it would be possible to return in different countries or am I totally out of luck?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. I think you can only return it in Spain if you bought it in Spain but if you are lucky, be very nice to the sales advisor they might let you exchange it for another colour! That happened to me :P
  3. Maybe u can ask if they can hand you over to another store?
    So sorry to hear your impulse buy on the wrong color. I love the SDJ and I couldn't bear with not having it in the right color :sad:

    could you post the one you got?
  4. thanks for your reply guys. for future reference for anyone searching this forum, the italian store said they wont do refunds for purchases from another country but they will do exchanges.