buyer's remorse

  1. Hello! New to the board but a longtime Coach (and handbags in general fan).

    I bought a large Hamptons leather sig hobo during the recent preferred customer event...and what came in the box with it but the new catalog with the Legacy collection. I think the hobo needs to go back so I can get the Ali shoulder flap, since I can't stop thinking about it. I love the hobo, but...the Ali bag is just so much more of a classic piece, and I do worry about things falling out of the top. I took the tags off (still have them though) and have carried it around in the house but otherwise it's brand new...calling the super nice SA who helped me order the hobo tonight to tell her I want to exchange. Seems a smidge silly to be returning it after I raved over it not that long ago but...I never would have bought it if I knew the Ali was coming! I thought about mailing it in to do the exchange but...I'd like the SA to get the credit for the sale.

    Anyone else wishing they'd held off for a piece from the legacy collection?
  2. If you have really changed your mind take it back & exchange it & preorder the Ali Flap, it should arrive through the mail in a few days. I haven't bought anything since July from Coach, so I'm due. I'm really loving the Legacy & mostly stripe collection.
  3. I don't have any regrets on past purchases...just trying to figure out how to pay for everything I want from the Legacy collection!
  4. I'm taking the hobo back today...the Ali is just too perfect for me. I'd keep both but...I'm trying to streamline my purse collection (which means I'm down to about six).