buyers remorse??

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  1. hi-- after much thought i bought a red city bag (my first B-Bag)and don't know what color red it is. how can i find out as the name is not on the bag or sales ticket. the SA brought it from the back so i am not sure if it is even this seasons. she said it was but who knows. it has the GGh as well. After i bought it i am also having buyers remorse as i don't know if it is a shoulder bag and am unsure of the GGh. anyhow, appreciate your thoughts/help.
  2. Please post a picture.
  3. Where'd you buy it from? If you're unhappy, you should return it, or at least exchange it. Worse comes to worse you can try selling it on eBay, but if you can, return it! It's not worth spending so much money on something you don't adore completely!
  4. Also, the tags will help you figure out what season/year it is.
  5. Sorry to hear you're so torn over your new bag. Try it on (and try and post some pics too) and see if it's you or not. But if you're not 100% happy with it, return it. It's too much money to spend on something you don't love.
  6. Do post pictures. Are your having buyers remorse solely on the fact that you are not sure it is a shoulder bag & coz it is GGH? I am sure you will find out if you can shoulder sling it if the bag is in your hands? If you cannot accept GGH, then I think it is best to return it for something you love.
  7. hmm, buyer's remorse happens all the time. i do hope yours is the case of unsuitability and not the usual case of impulse buy - buying for the sake of instant gratification because you see everyone buying one. the City style can be the most popular style but if it's not you, please give it up for another style that suits you better, and not because everyone recommends this style and you think you MUST own it. what is it about this bag that you don't like, whether you find out what style and year of the make is?

    the Hobo comes in giant hardware only and it's definitely a shoulder bag. it's actually slightly bigger than the City. the City can be both a sling bag and a shoulder bag although if you ask me i personally think the City is not comfortable as a shoulder bag.
  8. the tag says 2007.
  9. Its either a vermillon or tomato, :yes:
  10. Well, as everyone already said, it would really help us help you if you could add at least one photo. As far as your paper tag, if it reads 2007 1 (with the one following the date) it is probably Rouge Vermillion. If it reads 2007 3 (with the three following the date) it is probably Tomato.

    I personally am a die hard regular hardware gal, but I know lots of gal who love there giant hardware bags. For the cost of the bag, you definitely should be thrilled with it, and if not, take it back and get something you will love! Let us know what you decide.
  11. Thanks Deana, i agree i think it is rouge vermillion after seeing the colors on the forum and it does have a 1 after 2007!
  12. I love that color red. It is so bright and cheery. Please post pics of your bag