Buyer's remorse???

  1. SA called last night to let me know the Mahina XL in Noir was received today at the store. Only 3 arrived and one of them is mine. I immediately asked to charge it to my CC without any hesitation because this is my dream bag at the moment. (I haven't even tried on the Mahina yet).

    Then today, saw my CC bill :sad:. A huge charge on top of my existing balance. I can't believe I just spent this much on a bag. My DH just bought the Nimbus GM for me two weeks ago. I should appreciate what I already own instead of eyeing the next bag...

    Am I silly to feel this way? Should I just bite my tongue and keep the lovely bag? Haven't picked it up yet.
  2. If it's gonna put a huge dent on your CC bill then I wouldn't get the bag for now if I were you. As you've mentioned, your DH just got you the Nimbus GM 2 weeks ago and it's a gorgeous bag IMO. You can always get the Mahina later on::smile:...
  3. well.. since u bought it, bring it home and see if it grows on you...if not, return it..:tup:
  4. if it's going to cause a huge dent then i'd take it back but if you really love it and know that you can get rid of the debt quickly i'd keep it
  5. Personally, i would never go into any sort of debt over a bag. So if it's going to cause serious financial issues for you i wouldn't get it, and would enjoy your Nimbus for the moment. But if u can comfortably afford the Mahina (e.g. you could pay the full balance of your new CC bill off IMMEDIATELY), then by all means go ahead! :smile:
  6. Maybe let it go. Enjoy your Nimbus GM
  7. I have to agree with the above.

    But, if your remorse is only that you haven't used the other bag enough yet (and not financial), then I say keep it! It's a BEAUTIFUL bag.
  8. Hmmmm.... only you know what you can afford. If it is really going to put a huge dent in your CC bill then return it. There will always be another bag you will want.
    I tend to fall into that trap too. If it is just that you aren't sure you are going to like it then bring it home and live with it for a few days.
  9. I agree!
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing! :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  11. Ditto ! :yes:
  12. I guess it all depends on your financial status at the moment. Taking the bag home, a bag that you have been wanting for a while in the first place, will surely make you love it more and harder to let if you think that the amount of debt you have on your CC will just get in the way of you truly enjoying this purchase, then I suggest you return it.
    Good luck with your decision!!!
  13. You should not make a decision until you see it and try it on in person. You may find that it is everything you want and if it is, then keep it and apply your efforts into getting the credit card balance down to at least what it was before the recent charge. If you find you do not totally love it, then return it and your credit card will be credited. When you go to look at the bag, really spend a few minutes with it, trying it on and looking in the mirror, etc. this way you are not making a rush decision. For myself, any major bag purchase like yours would be more difficult to swallow buying sight unseen which is understandable since you are uncertain how it will look on you and if it is indeed "the" bag you just have to have and have dreamed for. I say go check it out first then decide!
  14. You said it's your dream bag, so I would say yes of course keep it. How often does a dream bag happen along? Not often enough to let one go IMO. But, is it going to cause any friction with your DH ...? That would be the only reason I'd cancel the purchase. But if he's fine with it, and it's your dream bag .... :graucho:
  15. I guess it depends on your finances. Sometimes if it's a must have for me, I charge it and just work really hard at getting that balance down.