buyers remorse

  1. Hello all...I need help if I can get it. I just purcharsed my first LV..the popincort haut and I am now regretting it. I'm sure most of you have the read some articles that compare LV to McDonalds because of its mass accessability to "middle america". AND...there are so many fricken fakes out there! I mean I truly get offende to see them. Anyway, I don't want to be lumped in to that category and I'm hoping that the classic monogram has not lost its cache. I really do love the bag, so I maybe I am just overreacting. ??
  2. If you don't love it, return it.

    Go to Louis Vuitton, go look at every single bag and find one you love enough that you'll take it home and you will not have a doubt in your mind.

    I purchased a Gucci and wasn't crazy about it, so I went back the next day looked at every bag found one I loved, bought it and had absolutely no regrets.
    Pack that bag back up and go back to LV girl!
  3. Well i mean its up to u. If u love it keep it. Y bother abt the fakes. There are as many authentic ones ard..
  4. Don't worry about the counterfeits bags out there... just as long as YOU know it's real, that's all that matters!

    I think you should go to the LV boutique and try out the Batignolles Horizontal or the Saleya MM. ;)
  5. If you do not truly love it, then I suggest returning it if you haven't used it.

    On the other note, love LV because you love it. What everyone else thinks is immaterial.
  6. ^Yeah I agree.
    Buy bags because you like them and don't let books and articles like that get to you. Honestly I think articles like that have a point of trying to discourage people from buying luxury items in an attempt to regain the exclusivity.
    Besides, I hate fakes too but they've existed for about as long as the real LV bags have (don't forget, the mono canvas was created because too many fakes were being made of the damier).
    Maybe you just need to try on a few different styles, or consider the Epi line...virtually logo free and still gorgeous!
  7. Who cares if a lot of people have louis vuitton! Its YOUR bag and if you love it then you should keep it!!!!! No one is going to have something that other people don't and fakes happen..... i hate them too but you can be happy knowning that yours is real!!
  8. I hate fakes too, but as the other posters have said, all that matters is yours is authentic. Having said that, if you're not happy w/ your purchase, then go back to LV and look for the purse that you'll love.
  9. No matter how many AAAA fakes or very-close-to-the-real thing bags are out there - they don't measure up to the real ones. There is always something wrong with the fake ones and when you do love LV, you get to learn to recognize the obviously fake ones.

    And don't worry about what everybody else says. There WILL ALWAYS be someone out there who will/will not appreciate LV :yes:

    Give it a few more days and if you really don't like it, then go back to the boutique and get something else you really like. There isn't anything sadder than an unloved LV bag
  10. Fakes are exactly what they are...FAKE! They look fake and do not even compare to the real thing! I live in Asia and its practically "Fake LV Capital of the World" but when I spot fakes i feel even more confident about my LV's because its the real deal!!!

    All that matters is that you love the bag you have, if you dont then go to the store and try diff styles on. I returned my 1st LV purchase and exchanged it for another style...
  11. this got to be one of the bags that i will wanna get eventually, because it just looks so good.
  12. If you don't absolutely love it, stare at it and adore for something that makes you feel that way!!! As far as fakes and mono, I looove what I'm carrying and it doesn't bother me a bit if it screams LV or if the gal next to me is carrying a fake!!!!
    Good luck!!!!:smile:
  13. If you don't love the bag then return it. There's no point in keeping a bag you're not going to use.
  14. Personally, I buy LV only because I love the beauty of brown/gold monogram :love: and the quality of the bags. But not everyone feels that way & you're entitled to your own feelings. Different people have different reasons for buying LV whether it's exclusivity/perceived status or other.

    Also, it's true LV is mass-marketed. The PH is one of the more affordable LV's and seems very popular; I've seen it practically EVERYWHERE - both real and fake versions - almost as much as the Speedy (which I own & is one of my faves). If you're not able to get past all that, then return your bag & get something else you can truly enjoy.
  15. If you don't love the popincourt because it just isn't doing it for you, then return it.
    However, if you are having "remorse" because of an article, then I don't know if LV is right for you at this time. Personally I work too hard for my money and have too little time to waste worrying about if someone thinks my bag is fake. I know it's not and that's all that matters. :smile: