buyer's remorse

  1. i was SUPPOSED to be studying at barnes & noble today...i stopped by the mall to exchange a belt @ banana republic that was too big. i passed by Nordstrom on my way out and stopped by the chanel sunglass counter. i've been lusting over all the chanel sunnies that were on sale at the marketplace and i ended up walking out with my first ever chanel purchase (well, a brand new chanel purchase) - 5102 sunglasses. they were sooooo pretty i couldn't give them back. now i feel so guilty about spending so much $$ on a pair of sunglasses. i should be saving up for my closing at the end of next month, but i have not bought anything at all with my tax refund! lol...that's my rationale for buying them. anyway, do you guys think they're too big on me? i have a hard time finding sunglasses, but i'm into big sunglasses these days. not sure how these look on me, of course the SA told me they looked good. i can't show my bf yet because he'll kill me if he found out i spent so much on sunglasses. they're sooo pretty though. do they look too big on me? should i return them? :shame:
    chasin-5102n-c653-11-p.jpg 0502062257.jpg
  2. they don't look too big. how do they fit? how's it feel when you wear them? if they don't make you feel fabulous, return them. you should feel like a million bucks in chanels.
  3. I know how you feel! I bought a pair of GUCCI sunnies on Friday and the bill came to just under 500.00:nuts: ! I came home and tried them on many many times and then came to the conclusion that I won't get THAT MUCH wear out of them to justify the price tag! So, first thing Monday morning I went back to the store and returned them. I felt so much better untill I walked by a Fendi counter and ... ended up buying a SPY!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. ^^ LOL lvaddict you're so funny. it would be really bad if i did that...but i'd feel soooo nice walking away w/a chanel bag.
  5. Perfrect rationale - I would keep them
  6. They look good! Keep them!
  7. Looks great!! :biggrin: You should enjoy it to its fullest! I love how they look, soooo you should wear them proudly!

    Btw - it really shouldnt matter what your bf says. I tend to go shopping a lot, and my bf had some trouble adjusting because I tend to spend a lot, but he does now and understands that it is never going to change. So perhaps, introduce him little by little?? ;)
  8. thanks :biggrin: still not sure if i really love them on me. they slip down a little bit (must be my nose...haha) so maybe i'll go back and try on a few more pairs to see if i can find one that fits perfectly. yeah i know it doesn't matter what bf says, but he makes me feel so guilty spending so much $$. as if he doesn't spend that much on his audio equipment (he's looking at $5000 speakers right now)...

    aahh...i should be writing up my final now. it's due at 4pm today and i haven't even started yet.
  9. I think they look fabulous on you. You look like a movie star! However, if they are not comfortable on you by all means try on more glasses to find a perfect fit.
  10. I think if you don't love something and it doesn't feel right/comfortable, you should take it back. You won't wear them as much if you are not 100% sure! Take those back (They DO look great on you, BTW! Not too big at all!) and if you really need another pair just keep trying dif. glasses on until you get the ones that feel just right.
    Speaking of Chanel sunglasses, I was dying to have these:
    But after I put them on in the store I felt like I should start breakdancing!:lol:
  11. ^^ those are cute too
  12. I do that. I'll buy something because it strikes me at the moment but when I take whatever it is home and reality of my life sets in, if it doesn't make me feel special I'll return it. When you are spending a bunch of $$$$ on something, make sure you'll use it/wear it a LOT and that when you do, you feel wonderful.....otherwise, return them.

    Actually, I'll be doing that very thing this week.....I bought a lovely bag, a hard to find one at that - brought it home only to realize that it's a tad bit small for everyday use. So back it goes and I'll wait until that perfect bag is calling my name when I walk into the Chanel door.
  13. i think they are nice
  14. so i went back to Nordstrom (instead of working on my final...ack!!) and tried on some more...and found a pair that i loooooove :love: i was eyeing them yesterday but they were $60 more. what the hell...i'm spending all that $$ anyway i might as well buy a pair that i love.
    DSC03354.JPG DSC03355.JPG DSC03364.JPG
  15. ^^^LOOKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: