Buyers Remorse :(

  1. Hi Everyone,
    so this past Friday i ordered a Paradiso Gioco from SH,and almost instantly has buyers remorse but was told i could not exchange it when i called later on,it had not been sent out yet :sad:
    but since it is an outlet i can understand,so easy do you think this will sell on eBay if i sell it for 120.00 (plus shipping) ? i am almost positive i wont want to keep it...

    have any of you had serious buyers remorse where you were pretty much stuck with what you bought? i want to know i am not alone :crybaby:

    anyhow on a happy note my Amore Gioco should be here any day now!! :smile:

    TIA for any advice :heart:
  2. Buyers remorse for a toki bag? Nah.... I love em all.....

    Why did you decide you didn't want the Paradiso Gioco? It's a really cute bag!
  3. oooh i want a paradiso gioco :smile: i'm debating on whether to get it now or wait if paradiso will go on sale when the outlets get pirata. Does anyone know if they plan on lowering the price for paradiso/inferno when they get pirata in at the end of the month??? Jleemarkowitz, i PM'ed u. :smile:
  4. If it has really nice placement, eBay will do wonders for you. I checked completed items and they were selling about reatail. So you might get your money back or if you don't, it won't be that huge a loss.

    And you haven't even seen it yet, give it a chance!
  5. I've never regretted buying any of my Toki's. Sometimes, I change my mind if I find a better print placement, but I wouldn't call it regret. I am careful though when I order something from outlet or eBay because I know there's no exchange if I decide later I don't really want it.
  6. honestly at the time i wanted it and then like an hour later i kept looking at pictures of it and decided the print may not be for me :sad:
    I guess there is a small chance i will get it on friday and fall in love,but im not sure... :sad:

  7. I PM'ed you back :smile:
  8. I have a Paradiso gioco and I love it. But I think it has to have the "right" placement... and I love my placement.
  9. I was told that the inferno/paradiso wouldn't be marked down till sometime in the fall even though adios is coming in next month..
  10. Yeah, I remember reading that they said Inferno/Paradiso is selling so well that there's no need for them to mark it down further - yet.
  11. Maybe you should wait till your bag arrives before you make up your mind.
    You may fall in love with it once you see it in person. Ya never know :smile:
  12. that would be ideal,im just so crazy about the amore print at the moment that its all i can think about :drool: lol!
  13. I was convinced that Paradiso was not the print for me. Too many babies!!! Then I saw a pic of bubblesungs Paradiso Zucca. Now I have a Zucca, a bella and a porta in Paradiso :smile: And if a good deal on another style came along...... who knows ?
  14. Yeah, at first I didnt like the babies too much, I said it was such a baby bag...but then I saw the zucca in paradiso on the lesportsac site and I had to have it. I looove the baby blue color, soo freakin cute! Now, its 1 of my fav prints! Give it a try!
  15. yay i'm glad my paradiso bag has made you found a new love for paradiso...i thought i was DONE with paradiso...cuz i got everything i wanted n more on my paradiso zucca n cucciolo..then i started thinking..n now my bambino n gioco should be arriving tomorrow or the day after!! because honestly paradiso is wayyyyyyyyyy kyoot!