Buyer's Remorse!!

  1. O.k. I don't sell a lot on eBay. I have sold a number of Louis Vuitton...mostly those that I didn't like the style. I have had good buyers as a rule. Today I got my first buyer's remorse tale. I had my Speedy 30 up for auction for one day. There were a few bidders and a good number of watchers. I put in extra pictures so that all details were there for a bidder to see. I took both indoor and outdoor photos. I said the bag was a light honey color, which it is. It isn't brand new, but I rarely used it. (too big for me. I like my 25 better.) Someone bought it on the second day of the auction with my Buy it Now price. I prepared it for shipping, and insured it even though it was not in the auction and she didn't ask for it. (I think insurance also protects the seller!) It is in the mail system now! And this morning I read my email and the buyer is worried that the leather is not light enough! :cursing: She wants an "almost-new" bag. I told her that I have a brand new Batignolles and the leather is almost a white and her bag is just starting to turn. It is in great condition. It is not dirty, and in my opinion is exactly as I described in the auction. I emailed her back and told her all of this. I also told her that I thought she would be very happy with the handbag.
    Now...what do I do? Just wait and see?:confused1:
  2. I'm sorry you encountered such that buyer... I hope everything will be fine then. Since you've took complete pics to shown the actual condition and item, it's unnecessary for you to refund her or something. If she's expecting for almost-new, did she need to find for such that desc. or title instead BIN yours then ask for that inquiry :confused1:
  3. Transfer any Paypal funds you have in your account to your checking account. Then email her, say (however you like to say it) "Sorry Babe, you bought it, it's in the mail, no refunds." Also, do a Live Chat with an eBay rep and explain the situation, give the buyers user ID. Then if something comes up with her trying to pull a fast one on you, you've got yourself covered. Those Live Chat transcripts are kept in your user ID, so they can pull it up and read what's going on if your buyer trys anything.
  4. Hopefully she will be okay once she receives it. Honestly if buyers want a brand new bag they should just go get one.
  5. seriously!!!

  6. ^^^ ITA Could be her first major designer handbag purchase and she's just having a bit of a wibble.
  7. Last night I transferred all my funds out of PayPal. I usually leave it at zero. Then if I buy something, I can charge it, rather than using PayPal funds. (I had sold 3 other small items.) I did get another email from her after I had nicely responded back that it was in the mail, etc. She does seem nice and said she had lost out on a new Speedy 30 because she wasn't at her computer at the time. And then she just bought the first buy it now that was close to what she wanted. She also said she is 9 months pregnant and was a bit impulsive. I think, as someone else said, she is just having a bit of a "wibble". Love that word!!
    I didn't do a live chat because she said she would give me positive feedback regardless.
    Do you all think I should do that as a further protection?
  8. I think you did fine. If she's at 9 months, she's probably hormonal, sleepy, uncomfortable & worried about every little thing.
    Bet she'll love the bag when she gets it.
    Be sure to make a huge slobbery deal over her upcoming baby, maybe she has a case of nerves.