buyers remorse

  1. uh oh i think i have buyer's remorse, or more like buyer's guilt. I have been wanting one of the legacy items in the whiskey/natural color for a long time. I have the Black/Khaki Legacy Shoulder Zip, the Sig Swing Pack in Khaki/White, the spring patchwork mini skinny, one of the signature wallets(don't know the name off the top of my head) and a couple of charms. not a bunch, but i love everything i have. anyhoo, i went into the boutique and ordered the Leagcy wristlet in the natural leather. and i was super excited! but now i'm thinking about how i'm moving out this summer and all the stuff i need to buy for an apartment. i think my legacy wristlet will be going back :sad: i'm sad.
  2. you love the wristlet, then cut out some spending in other areas to compensate (i.e. Ramen noodles and Kraft Mac n Cheeze instead of going
  3. LOL ramen noodles got me through 4 years of college :yes:
  4. yeah i've done that and now i have this extra money. i take my lunch and dinner to school about 4-5 days a week. i'm bad. i go to coach instead of walmart to buy dishes or pots or something.
  5. i know, i eat cafeteria food (which is horrible) so i can save my money for COACH!
  6. Ahhh... just get Chinese takeout or microwave dinners... they come complete with plates & sometimes silverware!!! :graucho:

    In all seriousness... keep the wristlet, don't feel bad. Start cutting things out after you get into the new place and this can be your "start of a new adventure purchase"....

    My philosophy is, "If you're not having fun along the way, its not a complete experience..." ;) OKay.. may not work for everyone - but seriously, true for me.
  7. ^^ ITA. If you really want it you can cut corners elsewhere for awhile to make up for those $$.
  8. yeah, i'll wait and see when it comes. to see if i love it! i have not seen it IRL. the store did not have any.
  9. ^Good idea, I was just going to say that. Wait until it comes and see if you've had a change of heart in the meantime. You'll be in a better position to make a good decision once you get it. Good luck!
  10. why dont you save and split the $. this way you are getting coach and what you need for your apt.
  11. good idea. or i can return the wristlet, put half of the money towards something for my apt. and then save the rest for Coach. hmm. decisions decisions. thanks guys!
  12. I practically survived my freshman year off of Easy Mac (and still love it)!!!

    And I agree with whoever said to wait until you get it to decide.
  13. i dont know... that wristlet is TDF! I think you will love it! life is too short for regrets!!
  14. It is very hard to make such decisions but we all feel your pain! Good Luck.
  15. The Legacy wristlet is gorgeous. I don't know how you will be able to give it up once it is in your hands! I'd cut corners elsewhere and keep the wristlet!