Buyer's remorse?

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  1. Did any of you ever dream of and plan for a handbag, then buy it and an hour later regret it?

    That is what happened with me today! I bought the chocolate Novak (final sale!) and now I am thinking maybe I made a huge mistake. There is a tiny scratch on top (not super noticeable but it bugs me). I am thinking maybe that is why the SA held it for me so long - maybe she thought someone else would have noticed the scratch? Maybe I am obsessing but I got it home and saw the scratch and then felt this huge surge of guilt and stupidity for not noticing it sooner. It is kind of weird that the SA held this one for me when the list is so long, no? Or am I being paranoid?
  2. If you're not satisfied, call your SA and ask what can be done, damaged merchandise should not be sold :sad: Same thing is happening with me and Fendi. My CC company finally got back to me about the dispute. I have to write a letter today with the reason but until then they have issued me a conditional credit. Hopefully this awful situation is over soon.
  3. I agree, that bag should have been checked. Go back and if the SA isn't available talk to the manager. As a matter of fact call them and let them know before they think you scratched the bag and let them know you are comming.
  4. definately, when you spend a lot on something you have to be completely happy with it. make that phone call.
  5. Thanks is a small scratch (the leather is shiny so you can see a small scratch shaped like a c). It is not very noticeable so maybe I am overreacting?

    Maybe I will call the SA tomorrow...I am just afraid they will be mad and blacklist me in the future!
  6. It's a sign that you should hold out for the black or red Novak.
  7. I like my leather perfect when spending so much on a bag. Maybe because I always want the "perfect" bag I don't think you are over reacting. If you are blacklisted remember there is always another store nearby. If its the first time you have had a problem like this they probably won't blacklist you.
  8. meme, maybe you are right...I feel like an idiot! I am just embarassed to o back there because they held it for me for a couple of days because I was so darned indecisive. Now if I go back again and complain about the bag after they held it for so long they may be really rude to me...
  9. That would drive me crazy! Walk in their and return the bag, don't think twice about what the SA's think....PLease! Your the one that's buying the bag! Who cares what they think!As far as your fear of being blacklisted, if you have money for the bags don't worry they always want you to buy a bag! I have never thought twice what or who was selling me a bag. It's all about me when I am buying a handbag...that is why I love it! My escape is there waiting for me....
  10. If they couldn't or didn't want to hold it for you they wouldn't. Remember that was a courtesy to you and there are alot of people who can't decide on a purchase. "If" they are rude to you, just say, there is no need to speak to me like this, if this scratch was brought to my attention before or at the time of sale I wouldn't have purchased it. Wish I could go with you.
  11. You ladies are SO sweet...I am just easily intimidated! You wouldn't expect a criminal defense lawyer to be so afraid to return a handbag, LOL. I am awful with stuff like this; usually I end up keeping the item (unless it is a big department store that gets returns all the time).

    I wish one of you could go with me! What a baby I am!:sad2:
  12. Not a just like company! I manage a business but should have been a litegator! They would be taking it back and asking me when my next purchase would be. We all have a gift.
  13. Why did you say in the first post that it was a final sale?

    You can go in and ask that they repair the scratch....if the finish is of a high quality (and you would assume it would be) they should be able to polish it and remove the scratch. That would clearly indicate that you are a serious customer and intend to stay a customer. If they are unable to repair the scratch, then insisting on another just reinforces the fact that you weren't just looking for a way out of your purchase.
  14. Issmom, that is a good idea - it is a high polish finish, do you think it will come off? I will call tomorrow and see...I do not want to return it I just want it to be flawless...yes, I am a little OCD!

  15. You say you are worried they may be rude to you. So what. Remember this always, they are there to serve YOU. You are the one who is paying for the bag and the one who will be using it, you have the right to be happy with your purchase!!!