Buyers remorse? WWYD?

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  1. OK - here's the situation. A "friend of a friend" was looking to buy a LV Noe in Fawn color. I told this girl to tell her friend I had one for sale. So she hooked us up via email. I sent measurements, countless photos, even put my head in the bag to make sure it didn't have any SMELLS!!!!! Well I gave a very thorough description of the bag. Noting the flaws AND showing photos of the flaws. Well she thinks the price is just peachy, sends me over the PP payment, I mail the bag out. Well yesterday, I get an email from her complaing about the flaws. She said IF she had known about the flaws, she wouldn't have bought the bag........or at least paid $300 for it. So being the nice person I am, gave her the option of returning the bag for full refund, or I'd refund her back partial payment if she wanted to keep the bag. She claimed she didn't think the bag was even still usable! HELLO!!!!!! So needless to say I sent her full refund back - she's shipping my bag back to me. I guess I'm bummed because I had my heart set on a Kooba Sarah bag, now I'll have to wait a bit to replish my PP account!!!!!

    Did I do the right thing, or should I have made her keep the bag and just give her a partial refund? I don't know the girl from Adam, but felt I should take the high road as the "honest seller"........even though I was honest from the start about the flaws, showing pics of them, etc. :hysteric:
  2. hmm... normally if it was an eBay auction and you had clearly sent photos of the flaws and discussed it, then I would say no way she's getting a refund for buyer's remorse!!!

    But because it's a friend of a friend.. it just makes the situation kind of sticky... what you did was really nice. But I would take it as a lesson learned... no more dealing with this girl! plus... the question I'm wondering is.. how good of a friend is she to your friend? Was it just an acquaintance? I guess it may be helpful to let your friend know of the situation so that if he refers any more buyers your way in the future.. that they're not randoms - but people who are a pleasure to deal with and not give you so much hassle...
  3. oh, i'm so sorry to hear that...
    i guess she's such a bummer from your story. if you already show her the flaws on the pics, there's no reasons for her to complain.
    but what's done is done, i hope you can sell your epi soon to someone's nicer and have more understanding on buying a second hand bag :P
  4. Thanks guys. Since it was made CLEAR with photos and me describing the issues with the bag.......I totally think I went over and above my call of duty here. I wasn't too irritated about it yesterday. I refunded right away, etc. THEN the more I thought about it, the more pizzed I got! PLUS, she went shopping over the weekend and bought a brand new Epi and matching wallet. I guess she thought since she spent so much there - she could just send this one back and get her money back!

    Selling sux right now on eBay - so I guess I'll wait another month or so and relist it.

    And this "friend" of mine, is via the net only. So she and I have never met AND she and this other buyer have never met either! LOL
  5. Sorry to hear bout this issue. Buyers remorse it is,
    Personally I would have said too bad and forwarded the email with all the pic's as before and pointed out where the flaws were and mentioned you still bought the bag.
    its yours sorry not refunds for buyers remorse. Friend or no friend.

    I gues you have to learn the hard way, :sad: it sucks.
    I hope you get the bag back in the same condition as it was sent, since you refunded the money before having the bag in hand.
    If it was ebay you would ask the buyer to return the bag first and when you see its the same bag in the same condition you do the refund not before...

    Good luck!
  6. It sounds like she had buyer's remorse even though she already knew the flaws beforehand. It was nice of you to offer a refund BUT you should have waited to receive your bag before issuing her refund. She should understand that since no seller in the world will give a refund without receiving the merchandise first. If she became all b*tchy about it, then she's just scamming.

  7. I agree..........