buyers remorse...what to do with Cape Cod watch?

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  1. I bought a Hermes Cape Cod double tour watch that I thought I would LOVE. But I just don't . Unfortunately, I cannot return it as it was a special order. Where can I sell it or exchange it? Is there a used market for these watches or am I stuck with it? I might try ebay but I am nervous doing that, I have never sold anything, just purchased. Thanks!
  2. I would try Ebay, it is not hard to sell on there at all.
    If you are nervous about selling, try consigning it. Ann's Fabulous Finds is a wonderful consignment site, I have consigned with them many times and everything has sold.
  3. ^^I absolutely agree. IF you can't sell it on your own, Ann's is great. Wonderful staff and I've sent a lot to them with only one item that never sold.
  4. bagshopr, if I listed it on ebay what would be a realistic price? The watch retails for $2200, it is the new face do it was more than the old style cape cod. Also, about how much % does a consignment store take? Thank you for your help.
  5. just curious....why are you having buyer remorse? i've been eying (i think the same watch) the hermes cape cod tonneau in natural barenia double tour strap.... but i haven't bought it because i'm not sure if i want to invest $2200 in another watch. (i have a david yurman watch & 2 michele watches)
  6. First, I would check on Ebay for a watch like yours, to see what others are listed for. Since yours is new, it should sell well. The original box and papers are a big plus.
    Personally, I would determine what is the rock bottom that you would accept, and start the bidding there. You might not recoup what you paid, but at least you will get some money and not have an expensive, unused watch haunting you! I think a Buy it Now price is good as well. Perhaps you could make your Buy it Now what you paid for the watch, so you would almost break even.
    The consignment route is definitely easier, but you will have to share the proceeds with the business. I think Ann's gives you 60% of the selling price.
    I shop on Ann's site regularly, and the Hermes items are usually snapped up right away.
  7. Maybe the Hermes forum people have some good consignment ideas. If you don't have great feedback on Ebay then you might make more money going through consignment (or at least have less headaches).
  8. Personally, I would go the consignment route. Ebay seems too iffy for me.
  9. What about it was a SO? I would try to return it and buy something I like.
  10. eruiz- I bought it thinking I would love it. I love it on others. But every time I put it on it just doesn't feel right or look right on me. Can't really explain it any other way. It is the exact watch you are talking looking at.

    luliu - I purchased it at a watch store that normally doesn't carry Hermes. The manager knows a Hermes rep and was able to order it for me. Since they don't stock it they won't take it back. I was certain I would love it. Guess I learned my lesson. The watch itself is not a special order in that it looks any different.

    I think I will try Ebay, and if I don't get any bites maybe do the consignment route.

    Thanks for your all your suggestions.
  11. One more it the double strap you don't like? If so, could you put another, single strap on there? Then you could sell the double strap on Ebay. There is always a market for replacement straps.