Buyers Remorse what do I do

  1. On Thursday I sold a LV Stephen Sprouse Leopard print scarf item number xxxxxxxxx, the buyer paid immediately thorough paypal and asked if I could send the scarf out immediately as she wanted it for the weekend. She then sends me another email stating that she has moved last weekend and could I send to this address. I checked with paypal who stated that they did infact have both addresses on file, so fine go ahead.

    The scarf was sent the same day which I informed her about and told her that it would be delivered before 1p.m., she seemed thrilled. :tup: I tracked the item and she was not in when they tried to deliver, after all the fuss she made.:confused1:

    Anyway this morning I received an email from her stating that she has collected the scarf and is stating it is not brand new as stated in my listing. She is saying there are pulls in the scarf, which anyone that has ever seen this scarf knows is part of the characteristic. I emailed her back stating that it was most definitely brand new and had she ever seen this scarf in real life and also to look at item number 190186026692 which I think shows quite clearly pulls. Now she is also stating that the LV tag has fallen off, I do not know if she means it is loose with the scarf or if she is claiming that the LV tag was not on it when she received it:wtf:, my photographs show the tag very securely attached to the scarf. I have 100% feedback and I ALWAYS state on my listing, even if it has only been used once whether it is new or used. This scarf has only been taken out of the dust bag for the photographs. She is also saying now, that I should have stated about the pulls in my listing (I know one U.S. seller has done that) but I really thought that people that are paying that amount of money for a scarf would know what the item really looks like.:confused1:

    I think this is just a case of buyers remorse, but I do not know if she has pulled the LV tag off, so I hardly want it back if that is the case.:s I did not offer a refund service in my listing.

    She states that she is going to inform eBay about the quality of the scarf and that she is not happy.

    What should I do, the money is no longer in my paypal account, I always transfer money directly into my bank account and the transaction is complete.

    Sorry this listing is so long.
  2. Suggest that she resell it on eBay if she does not like it? Firmly tell her that the tag was attached when you sent it and you have pictures to prove it. Maybe she will back off.
  3. Thanks Finzup I will do that. Do you know what will happen if she contacts eBay in the end it is her word against mind, at least i do have the photo.
  4. It is hard to say what paypal will do, but if you have pictures with the tag attached and she is saying that it is not attached, well that just tells me that she removed the tag...a store would not take it back like that, so why should you?
  5. I agree--if she has removed the tags, then you could state that the item is not in the same condition it was when you sent it (if there are any pulls, SHE could have caused them!). Therefore, even if you HAD specified that you take refunds--which you didn't--she still would not be allowed to return it, because the value is not as high as when you sent it out with the tags attached.

    I'd tell her that since you do not offer refunds, and she has removed the tags, then her best bet is to re-sell on ebay. She probably would have no trouble re-selling it for as much or even more than she paid.

    Sheesh--I hate it when buyers purchase without knowing anything about what they're getting! Especially with LV; I'm an LV-lover so I obsessively search out info. on anything I buy. I don't understand it when people don't do that--especially with the amount of money they are investing!!!
  6. Were there pulls on the scarf when you sent it? If so, did you disclose it in your auction? (you say in your OP that it is a "characteristic" of the scarf?)

    I would be upset if I bought a new scarf and it had undisclosed pulls. But her claim of no tag when you can prove it had a tag makes me suspicious of her. Your photos should prove your side of the claim. Good luck.
  7. Also, LV *lightly* sews their tags onto their scarves so they CAN be removed. It's not like they're attached on there permanently.

    As others have said, I don't think you should have trouble with this claim, especially since you have photos proving otherwise. It seems to me like she is regretting spending so much money.
  8. Just to throw a wrench in here --- I would be very PROACTIVE in this... gather your information and work on what you will respond if she files a claim. I have had a buyer file a dispute two weeks after a bag arrived and they had removed the tags (to carry the bag I'm sure) and I LOST! They filed a dispute and when that was clearly not going in their favor they filed a chargeback. I was out all fees plus the chargeback and the bag was not returned in the BNWT condition. I am still bitter... PLEASE put all dicks in a row now. Good Luck!
  9. ^Lol, sorry, I know this is off topic, but I laughed when I read your last sentence...I know you meant "ducks" but still. :lol:
  10. :nuts:Freudian slip?
  11. Thanks everyone for the replies. lulilu when I stated that pulls are charteristic of the scarf, I think I used the wrong wording, The scarf is made of extremely fine cashmere and silk woven together and it is a very loose weave, it could almost be classed as tiny pulls, these are LV words when I spoke to them yesterday. I now know why this U.S. seller stated this in her listing, she had obviously come across the problem I am having already. This scarf especially when you are spending that amount of money is the sort of thing that you really should try and see first or at least know alot about it. The scarf is twisted and rolled to give the creased affect and all the outside edges of the scarf are unfinished, along with the loose weave (which is what I think she is calling pulls)the scarf is just not what she was expecting. Regarding the LV tag there are two photos on my listing of this tag secured attached - why would I remove them what would be the point?????
  12. Thanks forenfinal, how does this chargeback work I have taken the funds out of my paypal account and they are now in my bank account are they allowed to take funds from there?

    Kasey Paige is absolutely beautiful :heart:
  13. oh Rosie, sorry to hear you are having a horrid time.

    I purchased this scarf and know exactly what you mean about the unfinished edging and the slight weave, its completely characteristic of the scarf.

    I think the problem is that people are having buyers remorse because they are going so much over retail. They get the scarf and realise its not actually a big thick cashmere item, but that is certainly not your problem! Like you say, it sounds like buyers remorse and I would stand by your no returns, if you sent it brand new :smile:

    Good luck
  14. Thanks Chloe-babe, I am so glad I have found someone that actually owns one and understand what I mean about the loose weave.:tup: I also think you are right about people are paying alot of money for them and they are expecting something quite different. Like I stated earlier in this listing, if you want one that badly surely you should at least research it and get a better idea of the item.

    She has not made any contact since yesterday morning, even though I have sent her another email, explaining what the LV shop had told me. I would have considered taking the scarf back if she had not removed the label, but I now would be too worried that she has been wearing it over the weekend.:sad:

    Yes it was most definitely brand new.

  15. OMG ~ :shame:
    I can't believe I typed that... Must have been bickering with the hubby :roflmfao:
    You know how close that frickin i is to the u...??!

    No ~ they will not grab your funds from your bank account. However, if for some reason she does a chargeback and PP doesn't win the battle - you will be held liable for the amount. I have heard that they will pursue you for the funds. I was mid-listings when she filed the the claim on me they held the funds I had to covered the chargeback. I was unfortunate and lost the chargeback (Paypal was laxs in their efforts) so they kept th emoney that was held the chargeback fee. The chargebacks that are scary are the SNADS. You are really at the mercy of the Paypal agents representing you - I have not figured out if there is a way to defend yourself - I would think there has to be... Unauthorized chargebacks are easily overcome if you have followed the requirements of the Seller Protection Plan. If you are going to regularly sell items I would totally get familiar with those and walk the line there. I would say at this point maybe no new is good news... maybe she doesn't want to hassel with this. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!:yes:

    And thanks!
    I agree ~ Kasey is B-E-A-U tiful!! ;)