Buyer's Remorse! Validate, me, please :)

  1. Hello from the rainy NW,
    After weeks of researching, I bought what I think is a classic, practical bag: Leather medium duffel in black (10399). I love the long handle so I can have my hands free, yet I can also make it short.

    Walking through the mall, I only saw tons of sig bags. I'm trying to up my coolness factor, yet I battle w/ being practical and timeless. This will probably be my one Coach purchase for a long while.

    Did I make the right choice?

    Sidenote: the Coach SA matched Macy's price and I paid $223. A mere 25% off full retail.

    Thanks a million!
    Beth, Vancouver Washington (near Portland, OR)
  2. I have a duffle in black signature: and dammit I'm cool! :supacool:

    nah really, you made a good choice.
  3. can't go wrong with a leather bag and the duffle is a classic. I know what you mean about battling the trendy vs.classic thing....always go with what YOU love and you can't go wrong! Welcome to TPF by the way!
  4. Thanks, you guys,

    I'm relatively cheap, by nature. Its a sickness that I'm trying to overcome. So if and when I dive in and splurge on something, I get so nervous that I've made a bad choice -- a very expensive bad choice. Isn't that terrible??

    Anyway, I love the bag and my 11-year-old says it fits "my style" -- so I guess that's a compliment.

    Do you think that is a fair price for a leather duffel -- of that size/quality/style --- See there I go again -- second guessing myself...

    I guess I'll snip the tag and wear it for date night tonight :smile:

    Thanks again,
  5. Very good price, plus I always get compliments on my leather and suede bags, but not so much when I carry signature.
  6. Snip the tag and keep it! It's really a classic. And have fun on your date night!
  7. I have the same duffel bag in black and it is truly one of my favorite bags. You will not be dissappointed.
  8. I actually prefer not to advertise for any company so I don't buy logo bags. I prefer the leather/suede bags and think they look more stylish. Don't worry because any Coach fans will recognize your bag as a Coach.
  9. Sounds like a great choice to me. If you haven't been to the Coach outlet in Lincoln City, Oregon you should go. They have great deals there. Enjoy your new bag!!
  10. Yes, you made a good choice! That'll be a great bag for years to come! IMO, cool is knowing what you like and buying that instead of buying what everyone else thinks you should buy!

    And it probably seemed like all the Coach bags were signature bags but they are just the most obvious to spot. I bet there were lots of leather ones too but aren't as easily recognizable. I notice leather Coach bags a lot more often now that I know the styles a little better!
  11. As long as you love it, that's all that matters. :yes:
  12. I think you made a great choice, I'm pretty conservative with my bags also so what I do to "kick it up a notch" and add a little color and spice is just add a cute keyfob, charm or scarf to match my outfit and/or mood.
  13. I agree with Kathyrose!:yes:

    In terms of price, I think I paid around the same price of this bag - except mine is the black signature fabric.
  14. Coolness factor?
    There is a coolness factor?

    momof4darlings, you chose a Coach handbag, and that already makes you "cool". Signature is widespread and black leather is more classy. If you want to "one-up" the wow factor, I would consider buying a scarf to spice up the black. (:
  15. I just bought the same bag in the Chestnut brown at Dillard's (50% off) and I love it. The duffles are great bags, very versatile and will never go out of style. No buyer's remorse - you made an excellent choice!