Buyer's Remorse - Trish Mcevoy Brushes

  1. Background: Back in September a sales associate told me that Trish Mcevoy was coming out with a special limited edition brush set for the holidays - 18 brushes in all, black handles and supposedly superior quality to her standard line. As I love her brushes and have some dating back 7 years, I was all over this and prepared to spend a crazy amount ($475) for this set. It turns out the set is so limited that only the NY Saks was getting the full brush set (there is a smaller version available for $275) and my sales associate ended up having to do a special order after many visits from me to see if they were in yet.

    Okay, to the point...I got the brush set and was very happy and grateful to get this limited edition set. Problem, I have been using it for less than a week and 3 of the brushes, my favorites at that (blush, powder and bronzer), are shedding! Hairs are left on my face and when you look at the brushes, there are hairs sticking out waiting for you to pull them out of their misery! Is this because they are new and some shedding is to be expected? Its been awhile since I have bought brushes but I don't remember them ever shedding....perhaps I just have buyer's remorse?

    As they are used, am I still able to return them if I think the quality is poor?
  2. Hi Sandra,

    I would probably talk t the SA about it. Just ask her if it's absolutely normal that the brushes are shedding, and if not, if it's okay to return it, because it is unfair for you to receive any quality less than the one you paid for.

    Since it's only been a week, I would definitely ask about the SA about it ASAP so that everything could be clarified.
  3. You need to discuss it with your SA. Since you worked so closely with her, she should give you preferential treatment. So sorry about your problem.
  4. I would talk to the SA about it and return them. I've never had a problem with my Trish brushes. Maybe you have a defective pair.
  5. Thanks for the advice - I know I should talk to the SA but I feel so bad because he went out of his way for me to get this set (he also rang it up on a triple Saks point day and gave me 3 bonus gifts) this, in addition to my calling/stopping by on a regular basis to find out if he got the set yet, that I am embarrassed to go back yet again! I'm actually afraid if I return them, he will never ever work with me again and I wouldn't blame him.

    I am actually thinking about calling the NY store directly about the problem (and, if necessary, sending it to them directly for a return). Its so disappointing as I had been waiting for this set for 3 months and, although I have issues with shedding, they are absolutely the softest brushes I've ever felt.
  6. It's not that serious Sandra. You don't want to return them, you want to exchange them. If you can't exchange them at Saks because they don't have any, they may be able to get them repaired. The SA isn't going to not talk to you anymore because you have a problem. They want you completely happy.
  7. Your purchase was based on expectations. Your expectations were shot due to the fact that the brushes were crappy. Tell them you want an exchange. Afterall, it is your hard-earned money...
  8. I'd return them. You're the customer and it doesn't matter how many times you've called or visited the SA. That's a lot of money for brushes that shed hairs.
  9. I hate it when my powder and blush brushes (it's always the larger ones) shed.

    I've had Bobbi Brown, Nars, Laura Mercier and MAC and many of them shed. The SA tell me to bring them back for an exchange but the new ones tend to shed too.

    My Bobbi Brown were the worst though, so I stay way from her large brushes. I think you should tell your SA because it is not something unusual. It happens to so many brushes and if you wait... they may accuse you of not taking care of them or washing them properly. So do it now while they are still new.
  10. Well, I called the NY Saks and am going to exchange the set - the SA was shocked to hear that they were shedding and told me to absolutely send them back. I just hope my new set doesn't shed as I have always loved Trish products. I'll let you know what happens with the new set!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!