Buyers remorse:(.... ***Please help!!

  1. Ok, so I FINALLY got my *brand-spankin'-new* Damier Speedy 30 yesterday and I am having buyers remorse.:crybaby:
    It is such a depressing thing!! I was SO excited to get it and now I am just not comfortable with it...
    It feels HUGE to me!!!
    I am so bummed. I thought it was the perfect bag for me until I got it home and now I am regretting not getting the 25, but my concern is that the 25 is TOO small. UGH!!

    *** So here's the ultimate dilemma:
    I thought 150% that this was the right bag so I tossed the little paper "lable" cards that come in the pocket away. My SA told me that I could return or exchange if EVERYTHING is intact. I AM SOOOOO UPSET!
    I would love to try to exchange it for the 25 but I don't know if they will let me now:cursing:.
    Has anyone had a similar experience?
    Also, please tell me your opinions on the 30 or 25. I'm 5'5" and 120lbs. Truly the bag feels like luggage to me, partially because I'm not used to carrying one so big.

    ANY and all help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. You should get what you are comfortable with.

    I'm 5'7" and 125 lbs and have a Mini Lin Speedy 30 and although it is one of the larger bags in my collection I don't feel like it's luggage size on me.
  3. I say stick with the 30cm. You'll get used to it and will love having the extra space for unexpected things you wish to carry. You're tall enough for it, too!
  4. i'm 5'5" and 105 lbs and I have the speedy mirage 30. It's definitely not big to me, as I feel the mono 25 is wayyy too small and when I tried on the 25, i felt like it made me look bigger than I am because the bag was so tiny!! stick with the 30!
  5. I think its a great size!
    Not too big at all!
  6. i have speedies in both 25 and 30. i've grown to love the 30 size and the last 2 speedies i bought are in the 30 size (mirage and MC). i'm 5'5" too and it doesn't feel like luggage at all.

    which LV do you go to? i think that LV would be more concerned about the bag itself being in saleable condition more so than the little card with the SKU on it.
  7. I don't think 30 is too big for you. I am 5'1'', and 30 is too big for me, so I always go for 25. But if you think 25 is better on you, then try to exchange it. Get the one you really like....
  8. Oh dear, I think the 30 isn't that big at all.

    I am 1.63m tall and 44kg, and I feel my Cerises 25 is small compared to my Mirage 30 which can hold so many more things comfortably.

    Try it out, pop a few things in and have a jaunt around your house. It should help you feel more comfortable with your lovely new bag. :flowers:
  9. I'd honestly stay with the 30, its not a huge bag.. I'm 5'2 and it doesn't look HUGE on me. Plus I think the 25's look silly cause its such a small bag.. it can't hold what the 30 can obviously but you can carry your essentials plus extras which is always really nice! Also the opening of the 25 is small and uncomfortable to get in and out of.
  10. i agree with others, i don't think that speedy 30 is too big for you. im 5'2, and i love the size of my speedy 30! i find the speedy 25 too small. don't be sad, im sure in a few days you'll be glad that you got 30 instead of the 25. enjoy your new bag!
  11. It's really a personal preference. If you don't think the 30 is suitable for you definitely try the 25.
  12. Gosh I appreciate all the support!
    So it looks like you think the 30 is the right size for me.
    I am just so confused as to why it feels so large.
    I have the mono pouchette that I use inside of it and throw a few other things in and there is still SO much room left. That is unusual for me. And again, I'm not used to carrying a bag quite so large, so it's a little *akward*.
    I think I will try to get used to it.
    Thanks for all your input and help so far.:flowers:
  13. dnt worry they will let you exchange it just go back and try both sizes again.
  14. I agree with what everyone has said. 30 isnt all that big, but you can still try your luck at the boutique ask them if they'll take it back
  15. i'm 5'5 and 115lbs.

    started out with a speedy 25 and then a year later bought a speedy 30. at first the speedy 30 took some time getting used to since it feels much bigger than the 25, but now i love the size and think its perfect. never use the 25 anymore ;)