Buyers remorse...or not? haha

  1. Sooooooo i was looking at my post of all the goodies i got in Dallas...(and reading all the cute replies from everyone hehe a TOTAL stress buster i tell u! makes me feel so good about myself...yeah im a nerd!)

    AND i was thinking... am i stupid? If i add up all my purchases i could have bought about TWO handbags!!!!>!>!

    But instead i have small "crap"

    does anyone else ever feel like that???

    I mean i love every single piece but wow, u dont realize how much totally u spend until you see it all together!!!!
  2. I do this all the time! I call it the designer boutique high because when I'm in there I just can't think straight.

    I tell DH, "But, they were so nice to me." He says, "They could smell you coming from a mile away!"

    I'm a sucker!!

    But, really I thought all your purchases were lovely and you'll always get use out of them!

  3. hehe thanks!!! i was the opposite man i was like no its ok ill just stick with the mini speedy, but then my bf kept saying but babe the key chain thingy (yup havnt gotten him to use the names YET haha) looks hot get it get it...and the same at tiffianys

    he got me the braclet and pen and my brother had called and told me to go to tiffanys to get myself something with his card

    sameeeeeeee with the clothes and at chanel soooo i mean im happy but its like WOAH i spent that much...on STUFF? haha

    but the funny thing was my MOM was soooooooo proud of me! she was like see there is more to life than purses beta!! hahahaha shes so funny then she was like dont worry ill come in july and come buy u a purse but u did good


    yuck :sad:
  4. If you liked the things you purchased, then all is good.

    I rarely buy accessories. I am more of a bag girl.
  5. The accessories are beautiful and oh so cute! :tup:
    It's totally worth it if you love them :smile:
  6. Yup, join the club. I have tons of small accessory pieces that are brand new never used because it's CUTE. I guess I thought for the same money, instead of getting 1 purse I can ge 4 small pieces to amuse myself. Not such a good idea sometimes since I can spend the same money one that 1 purse I can use daily.
  7. You said your mom said no more handbags. Sometimes a bunch of little accessories are more satisfying anyway.
  8. hehe thanks guys... i love getting random little goodies that are designer just for the shock value (and the cuteness) but i never really bought them all at once so i never add them up but i was looking at the reciepts and i was like WOAH!!

    haha but its all good i LOVE everything i got and when my mom comes down im soooo going to buy another bag (or two!!) hehe
  9. You go!
  10. you go as in get out or u go girl ;)

    hahahaha jk :smile: i thought that was gujnny, sorry hahah
  11. as long as you love your goodies.. it is all good :nuts:

    they are so pretty and cute...
  12. it comes in phases for me ... sometimes i want bags .. sometimes accessories .. these days im an accessories girl!!! :smile: buy what u love
  13. Yes, and that is why i was waving back and forth about getting another LV wallet. For the price I can have a handbag.

    I have a few small items but not many and for that very reason. I did just make a small purchase that hasnt arrived yet, i'm like and wondering if i should have used that money and got the new vernis cles or the mono silver hoop earrings. BUT i'm sure i'm going to enjoy what I bought that is whats important. If you like the items you have great, enjoy them. If not sell them and buy the bags you're lusting for.

  14. I rather have a bag than many small accessories..that's just me.
  15. everyone has great points and thanks!!!

    I was just talking to my mom about this and she had an awesome perspective..

    She said, "well you can only wear one purse at a time...think about it this way. You have more than enough purses how often do you use them? If you get small acessories it will be something u will use quite often and u can use them every day vs useing it for a day and putting it away. Id rather u spend money on acessories and use them often vs. a purse that ull use now and then"

    it made me go hmmmmmmmmmmm!!! so technically i AM getting more for my money and the satisfaction that i have something that most people dont! haha :smile: