Buyer's Remorse....or is it Indecisiveness?!


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Dec 2, 2005
As many of you know...I purchased the Louis Vuitton Popincourt Haute a few days ago. I've been trying it with various items in my wardbrobe, but it seems a bit too sophisticated for me. I am 23 and in college in Southern California. My style is much more laid bag (I tend to wear large hobos or handbags like the Botkier clyde). Do you think I should exchange the popincourt for the Batignolles horizontal instead? That batignolles is less structured, a bit bigger, and overall looks more casual than the popincourt.

I'm not sure if this is buyer's remorse, or buyer's indecisiveness! :shame:


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Hard choice...both look very similar. Did you contemplate between the two for a long time? I know that I sometimes have the same problem when it comes to handbags. It looks like the second one may be a bit less structured, and maybe fit into your style a bit more? I'm definitely not an LV expert here, but I'm sure other people will offer better advice. Let us know what you decide to do.
Well, I did debate for awhile...but the people in the store were commenting on the popincourt like crazy!! "Oohs.." "Ahhhs!" Peer pressure.....?? :wacko: The popincourt is a beautiful bag in its own right, I'm just not sure if its the best for me.
Too sophisticated?! I'm not much older than you and I think of the bag the opposite way. I have the Haut and I wear it with anything. I rarely dress me, other than work, dress up is nice jeans and sexy boots. So I'm wearing the Haut with AF1, jeans, timbs, sweats...i could care less what i wear with it. But then again, that's just me, so it may not be the bag for you...I'd take it back but I wouldn't exchange it right away for the Batignolles...If I were you I'd try on several different styles (make sure to put your stuff inside!) and think on it a couple of days. I think the 30 is a very laid back bag, have you tried that?
Too funny b/c I posted a new thread about the same thing! I went into LV today and have buyer's indecisiveness too!;) I got the damier Ribera MM but it's really starting to grow on me. With that said, have you tried wearing it w/ different kinds of outfits and styles? If you just can't seem to make it work, I would suggest either the Batignolles Vertical or Horizontal. When I looked at those today, they felt a little less structured and the canvas seemed to have a little more "give" , make sense?
I think that both bags would transition well from day to night, casual to formal. That said, I think that I think that you should go with your gut feeling, as to how much you like the popincourt; if you don't like it or feel awkward carrying it, you won't wear it, so you might as well go and exchange it for the batignolles.
I have both in my home (my horizontal and the haut that I gave my grandmother). They are both great bags, I personally liked the horizontal more because I bought it for school, but the haut seems more a cool everyday bag :biggrin:
I like both. If you are using the horizontal for school and eventually work I know Pseub loves hers. If you are going to use it for going out and running around I would keep the haut. You can eventually purchase the other and won't be 23 for ever.
I think either bag would go with casual attire. If "you" think the the Batignolles is more your style then by all means exchange the bag. I think since you are used to carrying hobos and Botkier style bags, you've gotten used to that style and this is a change. You have some time to return it so carry the one you have for a week and see if it grows on you.
The Batignolles Horizontal is probably a bit less structured. I've found it to be very versatile and a comfortable bag to carry. Some people don't like that the top does not zip (closes with a clasp) but I haven't found that to be a problem. It's big enough to hold files and notepads if I have to attend meetings outside the office, but doesn't feel like a huge bag, even when I'm not carrying as much stuff.
A major thing for me is the top zip of the popincourt. I think my things would spill out in the horizontal, especially in the car. Also I feel more safe from pick-pocketers with the zip.

And the little dangling orbs on the popincourt are so cute!

I think you made the right decision with the popincourt.
I think it's that pesky indecisiveness! I love LV Mono but the Popincourt is not one of my favorites. From your posts re your style, I would go for the Batignolles, it strikes me as a very versatile bag, maybe try on the horizontal and vertical. Perhaps Cabas Piano as well-although I think Batignolles is more bang for the buck. Good luck!
I have a Haut too and I wear it with everything, and most of my wardrobe consists of jeans, yoga pants and sweatshirts. I do like the batignolles vertical and I am actually considering getting it for my mom so I can use it too.. in general I think they're kind of similar since they're both sacs that are over the shoulder.

And the best part of the popincourt are the balls. ;)
I have the Haut Popincourt and love it with no regrets. It looks very classy and simple, depending on what you wear. It also can be formal and dressup too. I regret not having it special order in Damier Canvas. I just can't seem to wait for 5-6 months. I found out from a friend that the store charges 25-40% more for special order and 1/3 down.