Buyer's Remorse?? maybe

  1. Help... my handbag addiction is pretty new... since the beginning of the year when I fell in love with a Gucci 85th anniv. bag... which led to purchasing an LV Tulum GM and accessories (zippy wallet, groom cles, groom rond) because I've always wanted an LV since high-school (at age 37, I figured it was about time I got an LV)... which led to... buying 3 Coach bags + 6 accessories and 3 bags + 4 accessories from another mid-price-range designer (who I won't mention for fear of being shunned). Well, I love the Tulum GM... but I don't wear it to work because I have to carry a laptop backpack... so while at the LV boutique today, I bought a Popincourt Haut. Can be carried in hand, bend of arm or shouler so I thought it was very versatile. - Anyway... just feeling a bit guilty... clearly I have developed an addiction. It's not horrible since I have savings and no credit card debt... so the purchases are not causing me a financial hardship. But just feeling like I'm spending WAY too much on bags.

    Should I return the Popincourt Haut?

    Anyone else get nauseous guilt after buying a bag and feeling you're out of control?
  2. Well, I never feel bad after I buy my Louis. I know I deserve them:yes: ....I say keep your fabulous bag and enjoy it. Maybe you could slow down a bit from this point on if your feeling bad.
  3. Don't feel bad...treat yourself!!! You said yourself that you are not racking up debt, so enjoy your purchases. If the guilt won't subside, just put yourself on a ban :ban:
  4. I know exactly how you feel! I always end up letting my guilt get to me. Don't be the same way!
  5. If you enjoy your bags and get use out of them on a regular basis, you shouldn't feel guilty!
  6. i understand how you feel. use your bag more and you will realise that you love it!
  7. I think it's natural to feel a little guilty. I would keep the popincourt haut since it is an awesome bag, and then maybe take a break from buying for a little while.
  8. Do enjoy her, you got her for a reason in the first place. You must really like her.
  9. For me, there are different types of "guilt."

    Type 1: I have felt guilty for spending so much money on a bag when it could be put towards better things more practical like extra help at school, a new computer, a new closet, tuition, food, or just saved especially when there are so many people less forunate than ourselves that I could be helping with the money that I felt bad. With all those things in mind, spending almost $1,000 on a bag seems absurd. BUT, I LOVED the bag!- in this case, I say keep it!!

    Guilt type 2: I am tight on money or I've purchased sooo much stuff lately and this is money i shuoldnt be spending But I love the purse, -keep it and dont buy anything for a LONG time.

    Guilt 3: I've purchased so much stuff lately and am happy with evrything i bought but feel i shouldnt have bought so much stuff. I like the purse but i don't LOVE it, i like the other things ive purchased more.... - return it!

    =D SO it all depends on what kind of guilt your feeling. :p
  10. Unless it was I financial burden, I wouldn't return it. But only you would know if it's the right choice for you. If it really bothers you to have it, then I would return it. A purchase should be enjoyed.
  11. sorry, double
  12. Don't feel guilty, you'll not be able to enjoy your new Poppin :flowers: oh congrats for your new LV

    Ban yourself after this Poppin and enjoy your Poppin :smile:
  13. I can totally relate to what you are feeling. I did the exact same thing about 2 months ago. In less then a month time I bought 2 LV and 4 Gucci's. But right now I feel like I have enough. I have a nice variety.

    Here is what I bought during my spending spree.

    Just enjoy it. And try to start saving money from now on. Don't feel guilty.
  14. ITA :yes: you should enjoy your new bag unless of course it's not gonna let you pay the rent or put food on your table. then of course, reconsider. but the PH is a nice shoulder bag and you should take it out for a spin more often!
  15. I don't feel remorse about buying bags. But if you feel it for the popincourt maybe you should return it and wait for the I REALLY WANT that bag feeling again. IMO