Buyers Remorse from V Day Preview Night?? Long post

  1. Eerrggghh...

    I've just come back from Sydney's V day preview cocktail night and it was packed. I can believe spent just under AUD$8000 today (approx US$6200)!!

    My biggest purchase was the White lambskin Rivet bag at AUD$4700 (approx US$3700). The Sydney store only received ONE and my SA rang me twice today to make sure i was coming. As today was the preview day, nothing could be reserved so i missed out on the Pomme D'amour Heart purse (which someone should have told me earlier that they didn't reserve today!)

    When i got to the store at 4.30pm (the cocktail function started at 4pm), my SA was fighting off other SA who wanted to show the Rivet bag to their customers, and also shoo-ed off other customers who wanted to look at the Rivet Bag as it was sitting on the counter when i finished inspecting it.

    I like the bag, but not the price tag.. Its my most expensive bag to date (Chanel was top of the list before this one)..but i prefer it over the mono rivet. Should i keep it for the exclusitivity?? Keep in mind i do like things that are different or not as common.

    I know most of you do think its NOT worth the price, but it really is a beautiful bag!

    Also, i picked up the last groom agenda in which my SA had tried to track down for 2 weeks.. :yahoo:

    Oh... and for V day, there were these gorgeous postcards with LV trunks on them, and a lady was there to write your loved one a message. I asked her if i can have a "generic" message... and she asked me what that was..

    "umm,.. Happy valentines day...???" was my reply, and she laughed.

    Here's some pics of some of my purchases and the postcard with my generic message.. heheh

    (PS: Sorry for the long post)
    rivet.jpg agenda.jpg lvvday.jpg
  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the bag...and the Groom....ENJOY!!!
  3. I love the bag! I like you love bags that are unique yet nice. I don't own any LV yet but I think that bag is lovely and if I could afford it I would own one as well. Also that postcard is Lovely and the lady who wrote on it has gorgeous handwriting.:heart:
  4. Congrats!I like the leather rivet better than mono's, good choice!
  5. Yeah I agree. It is absolutely gorgeous
  6. I went to the one here and got the pomme heart I could not believe the amount of people there:wtf: I couldn't try on anything as it was just too many people and you couldn't move at all. I LOVE the rivete bag ... it really is stunning ..BUT if you are not sure return it ASAP and get the Kanga bag:graucho:
  7. Congrats on the purchase. You're the 1st here. I kinda feel you had some pressure to perform there, i.e. you had to buy the bag becuase of the commotion which went on there. If you feel you're not totally satisfied with the bag/price, it's good you return it......yeah I feel it's kinda pricey for a bag which looks kinda normal...:smile:
  8. congrats on your purchases:yahoo:
  9. hahahaa Shalomjude... You first on the kanga ;)
  10. Thanks Mercx5. I think i'll sit on it for a few days and decide...
    I think did have some performance anxiety hehehehe..
  11. I would have a think about it and if you do decide to return it do it ASAP :yes: I am waiting for the east west pm to arrive and of couse LV here has NO idea when it will arrive. It is a stunning bag:love:
  12. Buyers remorse or not that is one beautiful bag. Congrats and the groom agenda is adorable. Great purchases!!!
  13. I love this bag:love: ...esp the color. If i had the funds I would def get this bag. Plus, its not a "typical" LV that you will see everyone else carrying. I think if you can afford it...why not...:yes:
  14. keep the Riveting bag! :nuts:
  15. congrats