Buyers Remorse. . .but weird

  1. What would you do?

    We sold a bag (on our website, but the Buyer came from eBay.) She posted on this forum (in the Gucci section) that she is thrilled with her "first Gucci" and saw it at Saks (so she knows the size.) Then she posted on this forum (in the Gucci section) that she bought 3 bags in one day and her budget is busted (well, yeah =) So now she writes that she wants to return the bag because "it doesn't fit my laptop." (Remember, she posted here that she had already seen the bag in person at Saks and our listing clearly showed all dimensions.)

    Well, we authorized the return, last Sunday (when she called) and put it back up for sale on our website. And another person has bought it. But we don't have the bag back yet. When we wrote her she said, "Oh, I have been so busy at work, but not to worry, my fiance took it to the post office today and I will send you the tracking number tonight when I get home." That was Thursday. We heard nothing. Today is Friday, and we have written asking about the status. No reply.

    What would you do?

    At what point do we no longer owe this buyer a refund?

    I should add that although we recognized the Buyers postings because she showed the bag from our website, we did not contact her in anyway nor did we reply or comment on her postngs.
  2. I think you should cancel the new buyer's order and wait until you have it in hand before you advertise it for sale on your site, personally. Unless you gave her a hard deadline to return it that has passed, I'd give her more time. It hasn't really been that long.
  3. I understand your concern. The hard deadline was to ship it back last Monday (July 16,) She said her fiance was going to ship on on Thursday, July 19, and send us tracking information that evening, but we have heard nothing.
  4. Litigatrix is right..I never would have put the bag up again before I had it in hand. Now you risk alienating the current buyer. You might have to do something special for the second buyer in addition to sending her the bag when you get it back..people tell a lot of others when they are upset with a business.

  5. Um. Well first off, I would not have re-listed something that I didn't even have in my possession....You should cancel your listing immediately until you have it in your possession.

    You have NO idea what the condition of the bag will be when you get it back......if you ever get it back.

    So my advice, take the listing down now and wait for the return.
  6. Ok, I didn't realize that it had been quite that long... I'd still give it a few more days and try and contact her again. Maybe tell her that you're giving it until Wednesday or something to get back to you, or it will be refused, unless she can give you a tracking number before then. Hopefully she really did ship it out on Thursday and is just a bit flaky (seems likely).
  7. I think I won't impress it if I were you! I mean you already have another buyer than why she keep delay to return it?? This is business problem and she should has business ethic... How if you tell her the truth that you already have another buyer and if item not reach you within ... days, return will be decline?
  8. off topic but what is your website?
  9. I don't think we are allowed to say that here, but thank you everyone for your advice. We will wait until Monday. . . =)
  10. i'm sorry this is happening to you. i agree with the others that you should not have put it up again without having it in your posession. but that does show you are a trusting person and believed she would have it back to you quickly and in the conditon that you sent it to her. unfortunately people are not always that nice. i hope she gets back to you asap. it has been only a day since she last emailed you so hopefully it was merely her being busy and not avaoidance. i would however email her with a deadline- ie i only accept returns within 7 days. unless i get trackable proof that you have sent it back within that time period i will not accept the package and have it sent back to you. etc.
  11. like others have stated...i wouldn't have put the bag up for sale until you got it but i would have been annoyed her her since she clearly knew the size of the bag i would not have accepted her return.