Buyers Remorse...AGAIN!

  1. okay, i need advice again:smile: i went through a wallet craze in september and purchased 5 wallets. Two of them being louis vuitton(pomme zippy, groom pochette), 1 violet balenciaga, and 2 chanels. the one i am not sure about keeping is of course, the priciest which is the dark silver reissue.

    i have never spent almost a thousand on one wallet and would only really consider keeping if i know they were really limited and hard to find, making it kind of special.

    my other question is, were the reissue wallets sold out when they were released or were they on the shelves a long time because of the price?
  2. I saw them for a short period and then they were gone.

    If you don't absolutely love it, then return it. You have so many other wallets, it's not as if you need this one. Only keep it, if you love it.
  3. Hmmm... They had the reissue wallets in two or three different colors when I went to the Chanel in Ala Moana about 2 weeks ago. Not sure how the stock was and how limited it was on the mainland US/internationally. I can imagine that elsewhere it would be hard to find.

    I agree with the other poster, only keep it if you love it. If you're having that many second thoughts, return it and put the money towards something you really really love.
  4. if you love it keep it if you dont love it.. make sure you dont love it. i havent returned anything before.. but thats because after you might regret that even more.
  5. i saw the reissues at chanel ala moana, but those were a different style. the one i have is with the half flap over and turnlock on front.

    are the reissue pewter colored bags and wallets done every year?
  6. ^^
    The dark silver reissues are not done every year. It was only done in 2006 and 2007 in recent years. I might be wrong, but I think the wallet was new for this year too.

    If you're a collector and can afford it - then keep it cuz the reissue wallet is absolutely stunning. However, if not, I would consider 1) if you love it, 2) will you use it, and 3) is there something else you'd rather have the money to put towards? I think the most important thing is to do what would make you the happiest. I wouldn't worry too much about letting go of which wallet based on its collectability cuz once you use it - you reduce it's collectable value anyways.
  7. If you're having second thoughts, then you should probably purge your wallet collection. Although, I love wallets. Which ones have you used and find most functional? Sometimes I get a beautiful wallet and it looks functional, but I try and use it and it turns out awkward to use in real life.