Buyer's Regret - Need Serious Advice - Bleecker Felicia XL 11424

  1. I so regret not buying this bag in the British tan. It's been offered a long time at Nordy's and Macy's online, but was not sure. NOW IT'S GONE! and now I want it so bad. A couple of people are offering at eBay, but I do not see receipts. I emailed them earlier to ask if they had them and am still waiting for reply. Advice??? Should I just go ahead and Buy It Now with no receipt shown? Or should I wait for what Coach is going to offer in the Bleecker collection later on? Not too crazy about the Elisha they are offering now.:shrugs: What would YOU do?! Thanks much in advance for any suggestions!
  2. Try calling Norstrom's customer service and see if they can locate one for you - I have heard that they are very helpful in that respect. I think they were on sale at Nordies a while back, so if they can find one for you it should be a pretty good sale price.

    Good luck!
  3. If you like the felicia,go ahead and get it from eBay, they are some been sold for about $400. I love my Felicia.
  4. I got the last british tan from their warehouse, but they may have some left in stores. Some people found them on sale for $400 at Nordies and Von Maur. If they wont' produce either the receipt or give you real pics, then I'd say pass.
  5. THANK YOU GREEN PIXIE!! I just used Live Chat and a rep lcoated the tan one I wanted at a store and on top of that - it was ON SALE as well!! From $598 to $298! Even if it may the floor sample, I would rather know its authentic and I'm getting it for less anyway. I could kiss you! :yahoo::yahoo:
  6. So glad to hear you found your bag! Don't forget to post pics when you get it!
  7. Woohoo that is wonderful! I am sooo happy for you! :yahoo: And what an AMAZING price! I can't wait to see your pics - that is one beautiful bag.

  8. Which store did you go through? They will do a price adjustment on mine if I tell them what store. Thanks
  9. Da:censor:n!!! NOrdies needs to be my new spot!

    Congrats, I LOVE mine.

  10. OMG, Thank you SO much for posting this!!! I have been looking for this bag FOREVER on sale, and all my local stores sold out except for one, and it's still $598. So I just got on live chat too, and the lady located a bag for me!!! I should have it in 5-8 days. I could kiss you too!!! Thank you!! :yahoo:
  11. I just tried contacting Nordstrom online through the live chat and the rep told me that she has absolutely no record of this item. What information did you give them? I told them the Coach style no and the name. Thanks!
  12. It's #205744. They have no tan left in any stores (I just had them do a price adjustment after fighting with 4 different people). They looked it up and said no tan left, but they have black (at full price according to them). But I would try it again because it took 4 people to figure out that it *was* onsale in the store. Good luck!
  13. Thanks! I just checked again with the 205744 number and they said that there were none available in any color. I actually want the black, so if I could get that at the sale price, I would be ecstatic! I may try back in a bit. Do you know if that number applies to all colors?
  14. Macy's has black but not sure if they are on sale.
  15. I believe so. That was the actual website. Did you ask about them in the warehouse? When I got mine the other day, they said it was the last tan, but they had coal in the warehouse. It was not on sale, but they had them. What they told me was the coal was not on sale, just the tan. But who knows with them tonight (maybe I'm just irritable, but they were really annoying me! $300 is another purse...or half a