Buyers purchasing your used item(s) as a gift


Jan 23, 2012
What if someone buys your item for a Christmas gift? Would you be worried that after Christmas you might have to deal with a forced return? Particularly for a high-priced item over $700.

Whenever I hear that someone wants to purchase my pre-owned item as a gift, I always tell them not to. I mean how can they know the person will like it? And then I'm stuck dealing with someone creating excuses for a return.

I know I might get some "why on earth do you care," but given the buyers' market on eBay, I do think of these things. I remember a thread where the general consensus was that it wasn't really in good taste to give used items as wrapped gifts for a birthday or holiday, but rather they should just be given away.

What are your thoughts on this?


Mar 29, 2006
I really think what I sell has to be, in my mind, their property upon payment and receipt of it. Period. The future history of things is simply impossible to control or to game out.

Returns after holidays are a factor no matter if someone's buying for themselves or for Mom/cousin so and so. It's a risk built into the eBay platform. Note, it doesn't matter the recipient for this risk to be there.