Buyers outside US: Exchange Rate

  1. I am just curious about something...since the US dollar is at an all time low right now against nearly every other major world currency :shame:, I am wondering if that entices European, Asian, etc., buyers to consider purchasing more from US sellers?

    For instance if there's an item which in London would cost 185 pounds, and it retails in the US for $325--wouldn't it make sense for a British buyer to buy it on eBay from a US seller since it's cheaper than buying it at home? Even if they have to pay customs it still seems like it would be less expensive for them. Yes?

    Would love to hear from some folks outside the US as to your thoughts on this, whether it's occurred to you, whether you're acting on it, etc.
  2. Yes I have been purchasing alot of clothes accessories from the US becuase its such good value! (i'm from the land down under)
  3. Some things need to be taken into consideration when buying things internationally. I do buy a lot of things from the US with my german bank card, but have it shipped to my father (who lives in the US) who ships it to me, that way I'm not subjected to customs costs.

    If the cost of the item + shipping + exchange fees + customs is still less than the retail price in my country, then I'll likely buy it from overseas..
  4. Doesn't entice me any more than it did before. I don't buy outside of the EU purely because of Cutoms and VAT. Irrespective of the exchange rate it usually doesn't make it much cheaper if you get hammered by Customs charges.
  5. Yes my UK/France/Italy customers take advantage of the USD devaluation.
  6. Interesting--mixed responses. Thanks for the input!
  7. i do, and have for a long time, but very rarely if i know that the seller won't undervalue on customs forms. with customs fees on the full value it's very rarely worth buying from outside the EU (they're generally about 30-40%, and once i had to pay MORE than the declared value with all the handling fees :wtf: it was seriously undervalued though, so i didn't object, otherwise it would have been much more).

    i am very much hoping that all the european companies won't decide to raise their US prices to match european ones before my next visit to the US though!
  8. Customs here are about 8 percent so if it's a decent deal and the seller does not charge inflated shipping & handling costs, I often buy from the US. Now even more so as it becomes cheaper :yes:
  9. I'm in Canada and I have definitely been taking advantage of the exchange rate and buying a lot lately from the US.

    Shipping isn't usually too bad just to come from the US to Canada, and while there should be duties and taxes payable when the items come into Canada, a lot of things seem to slip through without anything being charged, and even when they are charged they are not prohibitive (total amount in duties, taxes and processing fees I recently paid for a $1200 bag from the US was around $160 - a couple of weeks before that I paid under $100 for another bag at roughly the same price).

    And further considering (1) that the selection of products in Canada is usually nothing like what is available in the US (which probably isn't a problem in Europe), and (2) the same item in Canada can be marked up a ridiculous amount from its US price (my $1200 bag retails for $1980 in the US and the exact same bag retails for almost $2800 at the ONLY place it is available in Canada), it is still an awesome deal with our two dollars being almost even!
  10. Wow that's interesting to me annanas; so you are willing to bear the risk of an uninsured or underinsured package to save on customs fees? What would happen if the package went missing? I assume you would make the seller refund you the full amount you paid, right?
  11. ITA. I´ve only bought outside of EU from seller´s who will declare low value as otherwise the total price including VAT and custom fees is so high that there´s is no point. I always ask the seller if they will do that before I bid/buy and if the package gets lost (and they have proof that they sent it, I always ask for posting method with tracking) I will take responsiblity. So far I haven´t had a any problems.
  12. You are being a bit rude here IMO :rolleyes:
  13. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that to be rude. I was actually asking a legitimate question--I was curious what happens in that instance if a package does go missing! I don't see what's rude about that?

    Also, don't really appreciate the eye roll, which I feel is rude.
  14. I'm in Canada and buying a bit more than I used to, because of the exchange rate.

    I would never undervalue or under-insure a package to save on customs fees. It's not worth the risk of something going missing because it would be my responsibility. It's not something the seller should have to take responsibility for.

    One major problem with the strong Canadian dollar... I'm not selling at the time being. It's just not worth it for me.
  15. Sometimes "clearance delay" comes up because it's night-time and no one is there. The tracking shows that it's sitting waiting to be cleared and could clear the next morning when the workers arrive.