Buyers on ebay are going to make me cry!

  1. I am so upset. I sold several items that ended Thursday through Sunday. During that time also my ENTIRE family had the flu - first DS (out of school on Friday), then DH, then me, and then the toddler. I got all the boxes ready to go and shipped on Tuesday. I had to go to three stores to find the right sized boxes for breakable items, etc. It was a real pain.

    Then, I waited an hour at the post office with my toddler in tow.

    and now??? I have an irrate buyer because I shipped on Tuesday when they paid on Thursday night. I TRULY understand as it's close to the holidays, but good grief I"M A PERSON!!!! I shipped priority, insured it, did everything I was supposed to do, but I just COULDN'T ship faster for those last 5 items. Now she is saying I'm morally wrong for not shipping immediately because it's Christmas and she paid instantly, etc.

    I GET IT... I do and I'm sure everyone here will say I should have shipped next day, but sometimes life interferes, right??? and I'm SURE, SURE I'll get a negative. She's only done 30 transactions (at least that is reported) and I've found that it's the newbies that are the most difficult - pay late, don't communicate, expect the unreasonable... but yes... in her place, I would be frantic too (They are Christmas plates)... but ugh.... I just couldn't do more than I did at the time.

    I just feel like crying. Actually, I am crying.
  2. *hugs* I am sorry you are feeling this way. I feel you shipped the item as soon as you could. I know it's almost Christmas and I understand if the seller is upset but email her and explain the situation. If she still wants to give you a hard time about it then just let it go. At least you tried to explain.
  3. So sorry you're upset. Buyers have got to realize that eBay is not like going to a retail store. You cannot expect your item to arrive instantly. You're right, it's the holidays and sh*t happens. I hope you don't let something like this dampen your holiday.

    I paid for a present for myself on the 16th, asked the seller to ship right away so I would have it for Christmas, she said no problem. Guess when the post office checked it in? the 20th! Luckily we're in the same state so it should still arrive. But as a buyer, I have to accept that I am not dealing with a retail store. Or an online store for that matter.

    Anyhow, you did the best you could, and that's all you can do. Sending a hug your way.
  4. Honestly if you shipped on Tuesday via Priority Mail, she'll get it probably today. This week I've shipped 4 things Priority (on Monday) and the buyers got them on Wednesday! That's plenty of time to have it before Christmas. And if she wanted the item right away, she should have gone to a store just to be safe. Shipping around Christmas always takes longer, things get lost, etc- so if she was so worried about it she shouldn't have purchased something on eBay. JMO. Tell her Merry Christmas.
  5. Be very nice, apologetic, and understanding. Offer to send her a little something in the mail (a coupon or doodad). I would be real sweet to avoid a negative.
  6. Life does happen and people should be able to understand that. I wonder though, did you email your buyers letting them know of the delay? I think that would have gone a long way in helping to satisfy them.
  7. I'm so sorry you're upset. I have been on both sides of this situation. My middle name should be instant gratification because I never want to have to wait to get what I purchased. I would almost be willing to pay double for something if that means I can walk into a store and then walk out with it instead of having to wait for it to be shipped. (I know, I have issues!)

    On the other hand, as a fellow seller on eBay, I know that life totally gets in the way, and sometimes even with the best intentions we just can't get things shipped out as quickly as the buyer would have liked us to. With a Christmas gift it makes it a little harder. If you have made her aware of your situation and maybe have paid a little extra to get it shipped priority mail versus what you might have orginally shipped (first class) so that it can arrive in time for Christmas, I think you have done everything you could do, hopefully once the buyer receives the item she will feel the same way! Good luck!
  8. the only solution is to create a reasonable expectation up front -- state clearly in your auction when you will ship (even with paypal payments, i like to wait a few days in case the card is stolen and there is a chargeback). this is particularly so over the holidays when buyers might want their stuff in time for xmas and sellers might not have the time to ship immediately. as a buyer, even though i like instant gratification, i can be patient to receive my item (but it does bother me when a seller doesn't respond for days).
  9. thanks everyone. I do put in my auctions that I don't go to the post office everyday as I have a two year old who hates post offices. In ALL my auctions (except for the last few) I put I ship on Tuesdays, but I removed it (bad move) because sometimes I DON'T go on Tuesdays, but go on Monday or Wednesday (depending on the weather too).

    But... next "round" of selling I'm having the post office pick things up. This bringing it all in stuff is for the birds!

    How much do they charge for a pick up?
  10. Aww babe don't cry! Like another said, it should be there wayy before xmas if you shipped it tuesday! Hope you feel better!
  11. You had a situation you couldn't anticipate. Things happen.

    I bought/paid for an ebay item at 9 am Sunday. On Monday afternoon, the seller emailed me that she was going to be out of town all week and would ship on Saturday, the 22nd!! Now it certainly won't arrive before Christmas. It seems to me that she should have put in her auction that the item would not be shipped in time for Christmas -- she knew it when the item was still listed.
  12. Hm, did you email them to let them know what was going on? Buyers are a lot more sympathetic when they get the info before they have to ask for it and worry.
  13. First off, sorry to hear about the stress, that does suck. I mention in another thread that I always communicate with my buyers, no matter what. That way, if someone pays asap, and s/h isn't done for several days, at least they are aware. I think it's only fair. I am sorry she is irate, I would be choked as well. I understand your side, but unfortunately people don't care. They just want what they won. Kind of like, don't give me excuses, just send my stuff. Kwim. Personally, that is my biggest pet peeve - people don't communicate, when I buy and I pay asap. I expect the item to go out next day. If they don't mention shipping times, I just assume they do what I would. It certainly doesn't work out that way, but a little open communication would save so much headache. Hope they settle down. After all, it's not the end of the world.
  14. I am so sorry this happened. My experience is, I always keep some different sizes of boxes, I also save a bunch of Priority Mail address labels/stickers at home. I flatened those boxes for storage. I bought a digital scale for weighting the packages. I also have a ruler to measure their dimentions. I could do all my shipping and packaging at home by using PayPal online, including pay for postage and print mailing labels. You could drop those boxes once to the post office, or you could schedule a USPS pickup.

    I hate to stand in line at Post Office. However, if it is an internation shipping via Global Express, I always go there in person.

    Please give it a try. You will find out it is very easy and also save so much time. Hug......
  15. If your shipping via priority - USPS will pick up for free! It's great!