buyer's mistake..what should i do?

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  1. im really fuming for some reason..:cursing:

    a buyer bought my bag..and paid because "immediate payment required" was a requirement...

    afterwards they sent an email saying that they made a mistake and wanted a different version of the bag...

    but they paid, and buying on eBay is basically a shouldn't they be responsible for selecting the right bag in the first place? my description is clear, and the pictures were clear too...

    i don't want to refund because it took me some time to sell this i had a lot of watchers before the item was bought by this buyer...shouldn't it be her fault?

    i am sure she will give me a negative feedback if i send the bag out...but i've already packaged the bag before i got her email..

    what would you do? it's unfair to me..extremely..i had nearly 30 watchers on the bag!
  2. I'd figure out all my fees to relist and deduct it from her and start offering 2nd chances.
    That's me personally.
  3. but what has eBay turned out to be?

    why do buyers have the chance to ruin somebody else's hard work for listing and waiting for the item to be bought?

    isn't buying on eBay a contract? u can't buy something and say "ehh..that's not what i wanted..i'll contact the seller and get my money back..."

    that's not fair to my opinion.:shrugs:
  4. Ebay just gets better and better. Is this a new person on ebay? Perhaps tell them they entered into a contract and they did pay you already. That is a lot of steps between BIN and paying through paypal to just change your mind about something.
  5. this buyer has more than 1600 feedbacks..
    i don't think she's telling the truth..she just didn't want the bag in the end..


  6. I didn't say it's right or that it's fair, I TOTALLY AGREE W/ YOU:yes:
    But you ased what we would do. . . I just gave you my honest answer.
    If I had already shipped the bag, the deal would be over though.
  7. I know some sellers just tell the buyer that its too bad, they purchased it and they have to abide by the rules. You are at no fault if you tell them sorry you purchased it. You can even find that rule in the eBay FAQ and send it to them for reference. Sure they might give you a negative feedback but its not the end of the world. You can have it reply to it and state your side of the story but be aware they can reply to that. You can also give them negative feedback so my advise to you about the feedback thing is to wait until they give you feedback first.

    Another thing about going through with the sale is to be sure to guard yourself against charge backs (filing through their credit card saying they didn't buy this). I would keep all your emails, make sure they you are sending to a confirmed address (for seller protection) and make sure you have a tracking number (very important for paypal issues, its to prove they received it).

    Usually when I sell to people I just return them the money to avoid hassle but that is only to minor items. If it took you some time to sell the bag then just tell the buyer reasonably that sorry, you have to follow the ebay rules go through with the sale.
  8. I have already packed the bag before she sent me the email.

    but i understand what u're saying..i've had it with ebay, seriously.

  9. at this point i could care less about the negative feedback...i've sold on ebay (with another account) actively for 3 years and i hate to feel that the buyer thinks im stupid by telling me that she made a mistake on such a BIG purchase.

    she has 1600 feedbacks, and should know what it takes to press BIN on a more expensive purchase..she should at least figured out whether the item was what she wanted :cursing:

    she did a instant bank account transfer..will i affected by paypal in any way?

  10. I was at Neiman Marcus the other day and a buyer was trying to get NM to take back her LV bag after it was very obviously worn. After I spent about a half hour in the store, I walked back past the handbag department on my way out and she was still there pressing her case! The SAs looked so weary. Retail (ebay or not) can be unpleasant sometimes. My point is that there's rude buyers everywhere and there's also nice buyers everywhere. But if you know the buyer is sketchy, then my advice is don't complete the sale. The risk is too high that she'll make your life miserable somehow (through feedback or nitpicking in a paypal dispute). I know it's unfair and my ebay seller sympathies go out to you.

    Since you had 30 watchers, I advise taking advantage of that interest and relisting sooner rather than later so it doesn't seem like their was something wrong (ie buyer returned the bag due to defect). If you do decide to let the buyer out of the deal tell her you will under the condition that she participate in ebay's unpaid item process and click the link that she is in mutual agreement not to conclude the sale. That's how you get your FVF back.

    Then be sure to add her to your blocked bidder list so you never have to deal with her again! Good luck!
  11. this is the 2nd time i'm relisting the item due to some problems with buyers..

    i feel she's just getting out of a deal...

    i've had it. i'm not going to refund to witchy as i sound..i need to protect myself too.
  12. I totally agree with Swanky, deduct your fees from the refund and do a 2nd chance offer (if there was a 2nd highest bidder), its part of doing business on ebay, sometimes we have to refund money when we dont want to. I hope it works out for you.
  13. If she didn't pay with paypal then paypal won't get involved.

    Yeah 1600 feedback, they should know what they are doing. Just stick quote from ebay to her (they should know the rules by know with 1600 feedback) and tell her you can't do that because they agree to buy it:

    "Bidding is meant to be fun and enjoyable, but remember that each bid you place enters you into a binding contract. If you win a listing, you’re obligated to complete the transaction."

    Can be found here:
    Bidding Overview

    I also had a buyer who had close to 1000 feedback tell me she didn't know about custom fees and demand that I should pay it all for her! I told her she was crazy (nicely of course). But, since I did not state it clearly in my listing we end up paying half of it.

    I'm totally on your side if you decide to go through with the sale because she should totally know what she is doing. Plus, if she doesn't want it she can resell it again. Just remember to keep the tracking number and emails just in case she decides to give you any more problems.
  14. She's put you in a bad situation and making you out to be the bad guy if you don't refund her. Since she has so many feedback, she obviously knew what she was doing and she's just had buyer's remorse.

    Ebay is truly annoying!
  15. I'm with you rensky. Stick to your guns. Tell her if she doesn't want the bag then sell it.