Buyers have been crazy rude lately!

  1. i have never expierenced such rude buyers lately...idk if I am just getting crazy ones or what the heck is going on. i just got an email from this lady and it was "how dare you say blah blah blah and that you file a non-paying bidder on my...honey thats why i keep it on my AMEX"

    and i was like whoa lady what the heck are you talking about! i never filed anything against her, even though she did take too long to pay.

    then i asked her for her zip code so I could quickly go through my slips, but she started a rampage and opened a claim with paypal stating i "refused" to give her her tracking number.

    and i was like what the heck. shes so crazy. i am trying to talk to eBay about her right now.

    anyone else get any crazies lately??

  2. Um yikes, I haven't heard that one before. Have you figured out what she was talking about?

  3. NOW do you understand why I made that "Get serious!" comment you rapped my knuckles about on my Best Offer thread? These people will just push your buttons until you have no patience left. :wacko:
  4. :wtf: what a psycho
  5. I just had a rude potential bidder email me not to ask if the bag I was selling was authentic but basically threatening me that if it was not she would report me, blah, blah. Meanwhile I have perfect feedback and this was my own personal Marc Jacobs bag purchased at Saks. She was so rude that I suggested she go and buy retail and requested her not to bid on my items. Potential problem...
  6. Wow. Hope you can get rid of her quickly. I've definitely noticed an increase in rudeness lately. Especially from potential bidders. Some of the questions (and I use the word "question" loosely -- many were more like ultimatums or demands) from my last round of auctions...yikes.
  7. kalodie, I would block that person from bidding, not just ask her not to bid. She sounds like trouble.

    OP -- people do seem nuttier these days. I am grateful when a bidder pays and gives me feedback when they get the item.
  8. lol. i just have to sit back and laugh. i really dont know what is wrong with some people.

    i still think get serious was kind of rude, although i do understand your frustration. I always think of people like my friends and family...that really honestly dont know the value or retail of an which case...i suppose they shouldnt be buying

    i usually try to make my first email as nice as possible...or just answer with a simple usually isnt till the 2nd email they send me that is either rude or unreasonable that i will say something.

    i wasnt trying to be mean, but i was just trying to think how my mom would feel if she had gotten that reply back. ya know.
  9. but is annoying to have totally unreasonable offers. i had a purse that was like $400 that i tried to sell....not on eBay...and people were sending me offers of like $65...i ended up letting it go for $100 cause i needed the money. i really should have just kept the bag.

  10. We'll just have to agree to disagree then. To me an inappropriate offer of $10 on a $400 item is beyond rude and deserving of an appropriate response. When I say "get serious, I saying don't waste my time with ridiculous offers: make me a serious one.

    I don't have the time or patience to worry about someone's feelings when they've wasted my time with such a ridiculous, insulting offer.
  11. That is a great way to sum it up...buyers are not really asking questions but giving ultimatums! I agree with that statement completely. And yes, I blocked potential trouble bidder. I understand people are wary on eBay due to all the fakes but honestly if you are a savy consumer you should know pretty quickly when a seller is on the up and up or not. I also must say that if people politely question authenticity I am more than happy to answer any and all questions in a thoughtful and honest manner. I always say that good sellers have nothing to hide but the rudeness is just a put off.
  12. To top it off, since I am only a small seller , people low ball me such as sending a $0.99 to a $200 items. I think some people find it amusing to make a joke/ lowball offer like that. :confused1:
  13. If they are sending you lowball offers if you don't have "best offer" turned on, it is reportable.

    Personally I am sick of it so I have my offers set to auto reject under a certain amount, and if anyone sends me a stupid lowball offer on something where I don't have "best offer" turned on, I just don't answer & report them.
  14. I was selling a Be&D Garbo and listed it at $200 and someone wrote, "I'll give you $125 for it"
    So I wrote back, "If I wanted $125, I would have listed it for $125"
    She went nuts telling me I'm rude and should win saleswomen of the year, blah blah. Then I see she is selling a LV Neverful and I soooooooooooo wanted to ask, "I'll take it for $200"

  15. How do you report it?? Cause my Be&D did not have "best offer" on it. It was set to auction style.