Buyers ebay location is different from her paypal address?

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  1. I just sold a Prada bag on the bay. My listing says I only ship to the US. Well, the buyers location is Korea according to e bay.
    I sent a message to her saying that I will ship to her as she has good feedback, but to wait to pay so I can get the right shipping amount. Well, she paid with paypal and her address is confirmed, but it is a US address. I guess as long as I ship to her confirmed Paypal address there will be no problem? She did not send me a message or anything, just paid...
  2. She probably has two addresses (one in the US and the other in Korea)
    I wouldn't have a problem shipping to the address on Paypal as it's confirmed.
  3. ^ yup, i agree
  4. I would write her a message to confirm. Inform the buyer that you will mail it as soon a you hear from them. It will cause more problems if you just send it without communicating with them. It is always better to be sure.
  5. Yeah I would also wait for a confirmation from her first before shipping anything out.
  6. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Yes, she probably has two address and two homes.
    I always (confirmed, verified, or not) ask my buyers to confirm their mailing address on every sale. Also get a telephone number (just in case)