Buyers delaying payment? Grrr

  1. So I have this one person who won an auction of mine a couple days ago. I didn't send her the information since most people who buy from me contact me first or just pay via PP without any communication prior. But since she hadn't paid yet, I sent her an invoice and she replied back today saying she gets paid on Friday and if she can pay then.

    :s On one hand, I don't NEED it immediately and it's not like she says she's not going to pay but on the other hand, WHY DID YOU BID IF YOU CAN'T PAY FOR ANOTHER WEEK?!! Grrr.
  2. Did you state in your description that you require immediate payment? If you didn't, then I don't think there's much you can do about it.
  3. ^ No I didn't. I'm just ranting.
  4. ^that's what I was going to say.

    What are your payment terms?
  5. ^ Well, like I replied to pyrexia, I don't. I just wanted to rant, that's all. :shrugs:
  6. I find this annoying as well.
  7. well, I think common sense would be, if you can't afford it, don't buy it! You can't walk into a store without any payment form and take what you want off of the shelf and have them wait for a payment until your payday! People really are kind of dumb and rude about that, but unfortunately, that is why people state their terms:rolleyes:
  8. ^ Exactly! I mean, I know it's like laws, some people will take advantage if there isn't any but I just want to be easy going, you know? Because I haven't really had any problems with people and usually they just eventually pay on their own within 3-4 days and I'm cool with that. It's more :rolleyes: than being truly angry, I guess.
  9. Ebay gives a buyer 7 days to pay, reguardless of what your TOS says.
  10. From my own experience, this usually happened with zero feedback. I had a similar experience with a newbie and in the end she wrote back she couldn't pay because she still didn't get paid.
    Yes, it is VERY annoying and now.. I always add no zero feed back unless they contact me first and if they bid without contact.. I normally cancel their bids..
  11. Which is tooooo long - doesn't everyone agree??:yes:
    Along with the changes that are happening very slowly at Ebay - this also needs to be changed.
  12. They do?! LOL I never noticed this.. but then again I always pay within 24 hours of the auction end unless it's a holiday and I'm away from the computer.
  13. My SIL always uses Immediate Payment Required option.
  14. I wish they would let me set up my preference so that I can block bidders with 0-5 feedback just like those with negative feedbacks.