Buyers Beware!

  1. I just wanted to relate an incident I had with one of TPF's recommended eBay sellers: 88Caviar.

    I did a BIN on a scarf she had listed, and I contacted her immediately to inquire about shipping costs/options. After three inquiries in as many days, I finally got a reply from her in which she apologized for the late response, saying she was away for a few days and also that the scarf I bid on is not available anymore as it was given out as a present during her trip. BUT, she has other scarves she could send me pictures of.

    Well, needless to say, I was NOT pleased and gave her a stern reply, stating that I was more than disappointed. I also asked WHY she couldn't have simply removed that item from her auction listings BEFORE giving it away as that would have been the correct thing to do rather than mislead potential customers.

    I also told her that I was only interested in THAT particular scarf (it's a design and colorway I've been looking for for a long time) and that after this negative experience, I was disinclined to risk purchasing anything else from her.

    Then I left her a negative token, which perhaps, in retrospect, may have been a bit too much, but I think potential buyers need to be made aware of such shenanigans, and we all know eBay doesn't give a rat's @$$ about anything except their profits. The whole story sounded suspect to me. How do I know she wasn't lying? How do I know she wasn't pulling a bait-and-switch? Of course, I suppose it could've been worse: I could've actually paid for something and either received nothing or something that was below par.

    Today I see she left me a retaliatory negative. What a vindictive, low-class b*tch! Frankly, I don't care how many positives she has or how highly she is regarded in these fora, AFAIC, she is untrustworthy and potential buyers should think twice before buying from her, particularly given her lousy attitude!

    Okay, rant over.

    Kellybag, Jag and Megs, I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong place.
  2. I'm sorry you are so disappointed latigresse about the scarf. It is unfortunate - but people do go away on vacation and sometimes do not have access to email/internet. I hope you can find another one you like somewhere else and I'm sure she feels really bad but I would have worked not to leave a negative, maybe she did her best for you that she could. That's all I expect of a seller, but I am sorry you feel badly about it.

    oh to edit i think this goes into the category of personal probs with mebs of the board? maybe it should be somewhere could PM her how you feel?
  3. HC - Thanks for your reply.

    I don't take issue with her going on vacation, but I do believe it's irresponsible to run auctions while one is away AND even more irresponsible to list items that are no longer in one's possession. She's an experienced seller, not some neophyte, and should know better.

    This is the first and only negative I've given to (and received from) anyone in my 8+ years on eBay. I've had mostly positive experiences. I guess I've been fortunate.

  4. latigresse, that's a really unfortunate story. I agree with you; there is no reason that auction should have been left open if she no longer had the item. Very poor form. I work hard to avoid leaving negative feedback but I agree this one was warranted and am sorry you received retaliatory feedback.
  5. I'm sorry for you - I had a similar problem with another seller -- I think it was a twilly and I did a BIN and then she said she had given it to her friend but had others - I think it's a very inappropriate thing to do...thinking you scored, to be let down. I will not buy from the seller that did that to me in the future and I do think it should be known. If someone is going away they either should take an auction down or be sure they have access, and close it if giving the item away... Thanks for sharing...
  6. Latigresse ~ I have found that this is a common practice if a buyer leaves a negative. I've unfortunately taken to leaving a neutral token and being explicit in my comments.

    Rotten situation but thanks for the alert regarding 88Caviar.
  7. In cases like that, I just don't leave any FB at all. I always think that bad karma comes back to bite you in the behind. In her case her bite will be that all of us on tPF will have more than 2nd thoughts about dealing with her.

    Keep looking, your scarf is out there and you wil find it:tup:
  8. i agree she was in poor form as a seller. vacations are great but you should end items you plan to give as gifts. that's just wrong. i'm glad you didn't pay though. sorry about the negative. nothing sucks worse than a retalitory neg.
  9. You just also consider that this seller is a person and these things happen.
    She didn't take your money and leave you with nothing.
    It doesn't mean she does this all the time. If she does thats a different story.
    I understand you must be upset, but if you left her negative feedback you could only expect she would do the same for you.
    I agree with Gracekelly, I wouldn't leave any feedback at all.
    If you don't want the negative feedback on your account, through ebay you can choose to withdraw the feedback as long as she agree to do the same.
    Good luck!
  10. I think it is all right to have left negative feedback. After all, you entered into a binding agreement and fulfilled your part of the bargain. She should be prepared to deliver with hers. Unfortunately many people do leave retaliatory feedback in such instances.
  11. i agree with minnie wholeheartedly, just didn't know how to put that into words just so...if you leave someone a feedback neg then of course they will do the same for you. if she didn't know she was going to give the scarf away, you can't end all your listings before you go on vacation, that is just impossible. maybe put though you will be away, but you did not lose anything and she did apologize, perhaps it was unexpected. i would hate to see somebody who is known for honestly selling authentic hermes to get sort of branded because they gave away a scarf while they were on vacation......if it were a bag and paid for, that i could get. i don't know her though and don't know her feedback score...that is only my two cents. Still I am sorry you are disappointed though.
  12. actually you can end all your listings before a vacation. you can hide them or put notes on all of them that you are away. i do it every time i go away.
  13. hlfinn you are right, timeless pieces does that...posts they are out of town until...etc.
  14. it's just the responsible thing to do. as a seller of many years on ebay i know the second i go away, something will sell. even with the vacation settings. happens everytime. she's not a newbie. she should have been prepared. especially if you're giving something you listed away.
  15. I completely understand that this is very annoying. I myself would have left a neutral... and explain what happened... as you did get a refund... I do however also understand why you gave a negative. I don't agree with the logic that there for the seller can give a retaliatory feedback as the buyer hasn't done anything wrong.