BUYERS BEWARE! Monaco-Babe Using Multiple Seller ID's AGAIN!

  1. Hey everyone! So see here:

    and here: if you don't know about this horrible bad eBay seller Monaco-babe AKA Natalya AKA Paparazzi-Girl AKA Moda-da AKA.... list goes on and on

    Anyway we all know she has a new eBay name, Fashionanyone. BUT it turns out she is also active on one of her other accounts again! Miss_Moneypenny14. I just thought you ALL should know. PLEASE BEWARE! She has cost tPF members and others THOUSANDS of dollars!!!

    Her Miss Moneypenny eBay store:
  2. Has anyone reported her to ebay just out of interest?
  3. wtheck, ebay is still letting this scammer sell? but yet when I list a coach item my account gets restricted?!
    how did you find out this is her?
  4. Actually I believe Miss Moneypenny has been cleared of wrong-doing and that she is a different person. I read it recently on another thread on the forum.
  5. I could be wrong though, it was a little while ago.
  6. We never had proof that moneypenny is Natalya.
    Moneypenny admits to befriending Natalya at one point and even sharing photos. They do have similar styles but as of this time, I cannot say this is her.

    Natalya did just start a new selling id - fashionanyone.

    Please be careful!
  7. she's got perfect feedback! this is so scary... thanks for warning us.

  8. :tdown:
    I have found this site -
    Miss Moneypenny is German, her feedback is very good since many years?!
    Not as the feedback from monaco-babe/paparazzi-girl or moda-da.
    To me it doesn't look like they are they same person.
  9. Hmm. On the website it says Miss_Moneypenny14 is Natalya. That and if you look up her ID on she has plenty of negative and withdrawn feedback, Natalya's style. Either way be careful of her!

  10. hmmm - on the latest moneypenny feedbacks (sold worn Manolo Blahnik shoes) she has even mentioned little mistakes on this worn shoes and the real worn condition. look at the sold chanel jacket which is also not described as new without tags - it's described as "utterly pristine". when i understood it right monaco babe was always using "new with tags" or "new without tags" for clothes or accessoiries she or somebody else has worn before???? i have to take a look again on that, not quite sure.

    on this page and on this other purse forum (moda-da is active again) she is admitting that the feedbacks look suspicious to others.

    let's have a look:
    paparazzi-girl/monaco-babe: 15 negative feedbacks, 6 withdrawn from 2219.
    miss_moneypenny14: 3 negative feedbacks, 1 withdrawn from 1630.

    i totally getting the point to be careful. thank you!!
    but one good point about miss moneypenny is that her id is verified in germany.