Buyers bargaining after the auction ends!!

  1. I recently sold a used phone on eBay and i didnt expect the ending bid to be anymore than $200, since the phone has some noticeable scratch marks - but everything else in perfect working condition.
    So i come home and i see that the auction ended at $223.00 and i'm really happy! But then i get a email from the buyer accusing me of shill bidding, because apparently the bidder before this guy had 0 feedback. I really didnt know what to say to that so i just told him that he didnt have to buy the phone if he believed that, and we can both mutually agree to withdrawal the auction. I get another email from him 2 hours later telling me...oh sorry i found out that the guy before me was a legitimate buyer for the phone...but can you sell me the phone for $215?!? I'm like wat?!!??!!? So i email him back and tell him that he won the auction fair and square at $223.00 and i wont accept $215. And he never emailed me i relisted the phone again.

    Now i dont want him to give me negative feedback! I have a 264 rating at 100%. A few months ago i sold a pair of jeans the buyer never paid and left a nasty neg feedback. I thought that if someone does not pay and i file nonpaying on them the feedback they leave does not show up...but apparently it's caused a dent in my rating. So now i dont want another one from this guy...because this is dumb. Is there anything i can do?!
  2. I usually sell my phones on craigslist. It's way easier. No fees, you can meet up in person, and that's it. I've also bought a few phones through craigslist.

    Good luck! Sorry I'm no help with eBay!
  3. I really do not understand people!! And over $8.00!! Not $800 or even $80, but $8.00!!
  4. The only thing that you might be able to do is have eBay remove the feedback if he does leave a negative....I think there are some circumstances that they will (Like a NPB).

    That is pretty nervy of him to first accuse you of shill bidding and then say "oh sorry, I was about some money off".'s only $8, but it is the whole point of it. I think that you did the right thing, just wait it out and see if he leaves FB.
  5. I'm a girl and i really dont want to meet people up...its a bit scary. But i guess i'm just going to have to wait and see if he leave neg feed back. He has like 60 in good feedback so i dont know what his problem is, i thought this was going to go through smoothly esp with him having such decent feedback. And i kno..8 dollars! Its not a big deal to me, but i dont want to deal with anyone like that.

  6. I make my boyfriend go with me. I know what you mean! I'm really scared/paranoid too. Do you sell a lot on ebay? Aren't the fees a bit much?
  7. Ebay and paypal fees are ridiculous! I've actually stopped selling on ebay, i only use ebay when i absolutely have to. Like the used phone...i mean who's going to want that?
  8. You never know! I listed my tmobile dash yesterday, and I've gotten about 10 emails, only 2 were bargaining!
  9. I just re-read my post and wanted to clarify I meant him not you - why would he care about $8.00? You were definitely right not to lower your price!!
  10. I think my only problem with craiglist is when the ps3 came out and there was that story about some guy selling two of them, he met up with the buyer and the buyer ended up hitting him over the head and taking off with the two systems. They met at some gas station or something. But i'm def. going to look into craiglist, i have lots of stuff that i dont use anymore and i'd like to have no ridiculous ebay fees.

    But i'd also need to find a bf to go with me..haha.
  11. I hope he doesnt bid on the phone again...but yes i would never lower my price after the auction end. Not even a dollar!!!! I really hate ebay now.
  12. I remember your thread in the Relationship subforum. Did you update it?! Maybe I can find you a BF! haha.

    OMG, that's such a scary story! =( I'm SUPER paranoid with things like that. Luckily, with recent transactions, the seller/buyer always used a work email, so I felt much safer. Why would they disclose that information if they plan to beat me over the head, you know? haha The only time I went alone was when I sold my sk3, I met up a girl inside of starbucks.
  13. Haha yes do find me one! I've actually stopped talking to my ex...he still tries to call me sometimes but its like a waste of my time to talk to him right now, because he still feels like it really really wasnt his fault. Oh well...only in his drunken world that it wasnt his fault.
  14. I would just block him, so he cannot bid again.
  15. no, put an npb on the brat (he was prob shilling with that 0 fb id so he could then pressure you to discount that buyer and get it for a better price) and leave hijm proper fb